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August 04, 2011



21 is the inspiration for Kristen Wiig's "Gilly" character, yes? Also, the world needs this blog post, now more than ever.


Thank you for this. I never saw "Dancin' on Air" but was a devoted "Dance Party USA" watcher. Princess was my idol.


I watched this show every day after school!


Ahhh... Dance Party USA. I'll admit to watching it (even though I'm Canadian) - like crack, it was.


It's... it's... all just so AWESOME.


Yes, that was Kelly Ripa at the beginning of the second video above. Wonder what happened to her boyfriend, Chris?

Kia Matthews

I wish there were a way for me to unsee this a read it again for the first time. CALVIN!


This show is amazing!! And Kelly Ripa, lol. I don't know that I've ever seen a more dramatic transformation!

Hotlips Houlihan

omg, you are the best: i totally said the same thing about the midget mom. AND you got a screen capture of that being in the bright blue tank top and white shorts with the scariest face/eyebrows/"dance moves" i had ever seen. yay!


Crying. "Someone brought a baby! No score! Unless a trampled baby counts as a score. In that case: score!"

Favorite post in a while. Every word, every pic is perfection.


There couldn't be a show like this today, because no one dances any more. It's just grinding and it's so stupid. I miss when people actually danced.


I need to see all four hours.

Phone Sex

Implausible Idea! Your class seems exciting. I hope if I were there.


this is amazing!! more!
i grew up in the 80s in Philly (age 7-17) and heard of the show, but thought it was nationally broadcast!

Miss Lisa

Everybody looks pretty bad in the 80s but they also look like they're having fun. And that's pretty much how I remember it. It was more of a feeling than a look. And that feeling was pure Peruvian blow powder, baby!

Magnietic Ben

Everybody owes Rebecca Black's Girl-in-Pink friend a big apology. She's tapping into America's hidden retrosity.


I ran panting in from Jr. High to catch Hullabaloo and Shindig. OMG they were the best shows evah!

Phone Sex

Your depiction is attention-grabbing. Thanks to the author he has done a nice job here with stones to attract anyone….!!

Inthefetal positon

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not Dancin' On Air!!! I was on that show for Duran Duran day.


I love everything about all of this. i want dvds that go on for hours and hours of this show. I also dance to Into The Groove like the girl in the video.


gag me with a rusty pitchfork... LMFAO


I love you.

John T

i needed this gif wall in my life right now, thank you


Please someone I need you to way in on something in the "Into the Groove" lip-sync. The guy in the white high waist chino shorts and striped purple polo really turning it and getting into himself behind the girl lip-syncing, is he of the homosexual persuasion? Because my gaydar is getting checked hard miss thing, I'm tossing and turning over this question. Help me!

(p.s. rich this post is really turning my pussy out, please more!)
(p.p.s you are my hero!)


WHAT?! No mention of "Princess", the Prince-obsessed chick whose wardrobe was a weird mashup of Prince and Madonna? She had flippin' pants that buttoned up diagonally. She had a tear painted on her cheek that she said she wouldn't take off until Prince married her or something. Come on now, that's comedy gold!

I'm ashamed to admit I used "Dancin' On Air" as a primer so I could cut up the dance floor at various school functions....where no one asked me to dance anyway because I guess I didn't look like Kelly "Dimples" Ripa. Damn High Hair Ho.

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