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Why did Kelly ever get a nose job? Clearly she already had a cute nose from the jump.

Sarah O

When I scrolled down to all the gifs, my eyes started to writhe!

Lauren McCutcheon

This show was excellent all around. As was its spinoff, Dance Party U.S.A. I wrote a story about both before the reunion show for the Philadelphia Daily News:

Cheap New Era Hats

thanks nice post,and thanks sharing!!!!


I was obsessed with Dance Party USA. I gotta find a site dedicated to it. Find out what happened to everyone. Btw, I was on the West Coast & we got it out here.

Bachelor of Health and Movement (sport)

Yes, that was Kelly Ripa at the beginning of the second video above. Wonder what happened to her boyfriend, Chris?

Electrical Contractors Sydney

Thank you for this. I never saw "Dancin' on Air" but was a devoted "Dance Party USA" watcher. Princess was my idol.

Human Resource Recertification

Those moving clips are heavy which makes your page loads very slow.

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