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August 01, 2011



Haha! You can trust all small cats--especially Winston.

Michael Singh


'Im terrified of house cats you have no idea. I don’t trust cats I am sorry they may turn on you.'

What the hell is Latoya on? Please post more of her ridiculous mutterings. Much appreciated.


I like that she also doesn't fear black cougars.

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She love big cats, so do i, aahahahahaha


My two cats and I had to stay with family for a few months last year (because I injured myself by falling down the stairs). My aunt would gasp and wave her arms and freak out everytime my very sweet black cat came to see me. One of my teen female cousins' friends was practically in tears refusing to decend down stairs because my other completely adorable non-threatening cat was sitting at the bottom off to the side out of the way. You would have thought they were scorpions or snakes.


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Jennifer Shepherd

My grandmother had an absolute terror that a small animal like a cat (or a rabbit, because, you know, of those killer rabbits out there) would somehow get into her house and come up onto her bed. I'm not sure what she was afraid it was going to DO once it got onto her bed. I never wanted to inquire.

When some friends gave me a baby rabbit and I brought it over, she practically needed some men in white overcoats because the creature had briefly crossed her threshold.

I got my revenge. *posting from a bed with about four lazy cats sleeping in it*


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Fear of small cats, I love it. They should make a TV show out of this.

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