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August 08, 2011



You have seen the Junior Christian Science Bible Show, right?



i just visited coney island for the first time last weekend and this is a perfect vignette of what it's like there. i love how the giant pitbull with the football puts an end to the discussion.

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Question: Why do the Russian men think boxer-briefs take the place of swim trunks?


Coney Island is a nuthouse. I was once approached by a young man who was on many drugs, insisting he could not find his friends, and did not know what direction he had come from. I said, having seen which direction he had come from, "You've already checked over there, so maybe now check over there?" gesturing at the entire other part of the Coney Island beachfront behind me. The young man decided that this was an important an extremely helpful piece of advice, and laid the following benediction upon me: "May you find your future in a golden pandora dragon."


Thank God there are still places like that around...

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Oh the Coney Island stories I've collected in my 25 years...

Once a group of us were hanging out by Nathan's (consuming very large cups of beer for relatively cheap) when we were approached by three charming individuals. One was a seemingly mentally unstable large jewish man that insisted on standing near us clapping, laughing, and telling my boyfriend to hang out with him. Another was a roaming man with a parrot who also was enchanted by my boyfriend (let him hold the parrot for a bit.) And the last and possible most exciting to meet was a local drunk/drug addict who swore his name was Cubito and that he spoke chinese, japanese, etc... He asked my friend if she was german (she's puerto rican), asked another of my friends if he, too, spoke chinese, japanese, etc..., and had a long conversation with the boyfriend about his family.

Another time a group of us were walking to the subway after a late night and found a bloody rag on the ground right off the boardwalk. A friend was concerned because of it being a health hazard and told a cop about it. The cop replied, "Oh that thing. It's just a bloody rag. It ain't gonna hurt nobody."

So yeah... Coney is fantastic.

I'm in awe sir

This truly is a masterpiece of blogging.


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@Whiskas: I know, right? Just came back from Cuba and we saw tons of Russian men swimming in boxer briefs, most of them with Россия (Russia in Russian, basically) written all over them. Go figure!

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that was so cute..I know this is quit an old post..and looking forward for more blog posts from you. nevertheless, I like your blog...Thanks.


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Coney Island is a mixture different people and stuff. Even the craziest stuff are there. Nice post.

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Great puppet show...i like to see this shows at any place where I go...Great way to animate children


Wow, the spammed comments are rather entertaining..


you are right , Otherwise how could it be preserved?


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Donde estas, Rich? I miss you.

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It seems like Coney Island is a good place, I will visit there sooner or later

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Dearest Rich, we miss you! Come back soon xoxo

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