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September 15, 2011


bazooka joe

I too am shocked that Brittany was sent home first. Boo!


I nearly peed myself reading this whole thing! I never read i look at pictures and laugh but seriously this was funny lololol.


I'm pretty sure that Lisa likes to kick, stretch, and kick.


OH JOY You're recapping again. Cannot tell you how much i miss your gifs.


thank you for coming back!!! Agreed... this is such a parody of itself... which is a parody of modeling. obsessed.

Lucille A. Lias

HAAAA!!! BONNET Bitch! Yes! Thank you!
(did I mention how happy I was that you're back?! You are the one true saving grace of this show - they actually need to cut you a check!)
...also... I can't believe I'm watching this sch*tt... can't look away though.
But! I have it dvr'ed (AND mute button at the ready), so as to speed through the especially painful parts


YAY! Rich is back!!!! LOVED this recap! But I have to know your thoughts on the shondariffic final group shot wherein a motorcycle was PHOTOSHOPPED into Alexandria's weird pose!!!


happy days are here again, and not because ANTM is on TV but because God answered my prayers and you're back at recapping.


So happy I get the chance be ride the Allsion bandwagon again!


So happy you're recapin! I agree 100% Brittany is awesome and shouldn't have left and I had a long lol moment when I read this:
Tyra: "We're looking for that extra special something." I bet Isis is PISSED that she got her reassignment surgery.


This was such a pleasure to read. Thank you, Rich!


Ha. I had to type Rich America Next Top Model into my google to find the dang name of this blog, but it is totally saved to my favorites! YES! So excited that the recap is back!


You bring so much more value to this show. Tyra fucking owes you.


OMG, poor Andre Leon Talley! Didn't he join the show because it was going in the direction of high fashion? Not washed up fame whores. Also I'm really surprised Allison is on the show, I though she had more self worth.


Seriously, how can people not remember Brittany? She was awesome, but she probably still reminds Tyra of her ANTM nemesis, Janice Dickinson.

(Also HORRAY for the return of your ANTM recaps! I love FourFour!)


Soooo, soooo funny!! I seriously don't know where to start except to say well done, Rich. Well done.


Brittany wasn't recognized because her face was stretched beyond belief with botox. You also don't come out swinging as a contestant with the word bitch in front of the panel. I'm sure that's why she as actually eliminated.


YES! While I was watching I kept thinking, 'No way will Rich be able to resist this trainwreck!' And here you are, blogging again!
As always, I couldn't stop laughing. Brilliant recap, hope you'll continue!


Even if this is the last cycle you cover, thank you so much. I always laugh like an adult wearing diapers when I read it!


Yay!! I was so hoping you would come out of retirement to recap this extravaganza of stupidness!

Alison for the win!!


matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

I think Lisa has a mood face,sometimes it's wrinkly, sometimes it's young/beautiful depending on her mood/amount of sleep, not lighting/make-up. I think it's awesome she looks like Debbie from True Blood!!


So many of the things you said are things that I thought while watching this episode which, in retrospect, is probably because I've been reading your recaps for so long that you've brainwashed me into thinking like you. Which is great! I'm so glad you're recapping again.


I just randomly came by to see if there were some new Winston videos (thanks for the kneading) and began weeping when I saw Tyra's mug staring at me. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

Speaking of Tyra, if what you're saying about Tyra's dream life is true, does that mean she's living in a "Being Tyra Banks" world? And if so, can we dump her on the side of the Jersey Turnpike?

Also, I found it so convenient that Shannon found a loophole (hypocrisy) whereby she could hooch it up in the name of her good, strong, Christian values. I wonder if the lace boy shorts were a little smaller if she'd have been such a good Christian?


Yes! I was hoping you would recap this cycle, although not being able to witness any more Lisa/Brittany interactions is a huge bummer... Oh well, I'm sure someone will pick up the slack.
No but really, so effin glad you're recapping again!


Ha! Loving that last gif!

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