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Rich, soooooo happy that you're going to cover this cycle! I feel like Tyra after she destroys another girl's hopes and dreams.


YES YES MORE I missed reading these.


Rich, your recaps make this show more than it is - you make it enjoyable and entertaining. You are the One. That being said, I just cannot watch another round of America's Most Arrogant Forehead. Miss AllAboutMe is not the One. But, you make it easy for me with the "highlights" and your commentary. (Thank you so much for your time and effort!)


I could not possibly be more happy that you are doing recaps again. Really.


OMG Rich and Allison are back??!! I feel like the world has reversed to a much better time in human history (the Allison/Rich days of yore).


BAH HAHAHA Bottom Bitch!!!! :) Poor Bre, they did style her like a street walker.

I was shocked Brittany went first, too. That was ridiculous. People cheered for her so hard. Did ALL of people leave before being interviewed?

I am glad your blog is back, I missed you!


Yes! So happy to have you back!

Is it just me, or does Lisa look like a skinny Jennifer Coolidge?

Vanessa M

Dude, I was so proud of myself for giving this show the finger (at the same time you did) and then, DAMN it. Laura, Allison, Sheena, Lisa, Bre and Angelea? I'm so up in this.

Nice to see that Tyra's logic is as wobbly as ever. No one remembers Brittany but everyone hates Alexandria so Alexandria stays because indifference is the enemy. That sends a message to the housemates. I wonder if Brit's parting shot about how she should have peed in a diaper will be prophetic.

Some all stars I would have liked to have seen: Kim from Cycle 5, Jade from Cycle 6, Norelle and Yaya from Cycle 3, Celia from Cycle 12, Brooke from Cycle 7 (probably doesn't give a shit these days but she was so robbed), Tatianna from Cycle 14, Lauren and Amis from Cycle 10 and Natasha and Jael from cycle 8.


I can feel it's going to be a house full of Draaaaama!!!!
PS. Your. Recaps. Are. So. Very. Good.


Oh, I love you so, so much. You came back. I wished you'd come back and re-cap All Stars and you have. I love your yummy awesomeness. You are better than EVER!


Praise the Lord, he's back!
BTW: Even Mr. Jay is judging his fellow gay in that screenshot.


I was really hoping Brittany would stay long enough to get drunk and scream 'SHUUUT UPPPPP!' in someone's face. Pity...

I think people are only being so harsh towards Alexandria because she was from last season and her slight stankiness is fresh in their minds. I mean, Bianca mocked a girl's autism and people love her.

This episode was all kinds of trainwrecky. I for one am thrilled.


When you put the strikethrough on Angelea I read it as "Oil From the Road" instead of "Girl From the Hood". I think they both apply.


I don't get it - they claimed that the all-stars are fan favorites, and then they tried to tell Brittany's old ass that the crowd at the live runway didn't even remember her? What the wha??? #tyralogic

Also, maybe this would have been too simple of a formula/made too much sense/been too hard to coordinate, but why didn't they bring back the runners-up from all 16 cycles instead of a random smattering of past contestants?


Yay! Kisses!


So happy you're recapping! TY for the awesomeness.

Nichole Jackson

Yay you're back! My reason for watching ANTM :)


Great job. I'm so glad you're back to doing what made me come to this site.


Hell yeah! You are back with recaps - Love Love Love so much!!!


It is a CRIME that you were not given a VIP invitation to the live judging. Your opinion of these bitches is the only one that counts.


Yay! I'm so glad you're doing recaps for this cycle. When I saw Nigel's hair, I was like "EWWW." And then I was like, "What would Four Four say?" Annnnnnnd you called Nigel "pubes." Which totally made my year. You made me do an Andre Leon Talley gif face, so thanks! Can't wait for your makeover recap (OMG, that's always my favorite episode).


Isis was a very cute boy. She's also the prettiest girl on the show in my opinion.


that picture of Nigel in the pink shirt is depressing the hell out of me. "french-fry vegan"! perfect! it's aaaall coming back to me, Rich--that fall of 2009 when this blog single-handedly made me obsessed with that fucking show. thanks for the mammaries!

Pedro Tejada

SO glad you're doing this season! I can tell you're back into the swing of things as this was hilarious.


I am so conditioned to check this blog for recaps after Monday that I had no idea that this got posted so quickly! Hooray for Rich and FourFour! I got out of the habit of checking on Monday because when I moved to NY last year, I'd check it at 9am and there wouldn't be a post. And then I'd spend a few hours reloading, waiting around for the update, just so I could start my morning. I am such a FourFour junkie. Back in California, I had a routine: on Monday, I'd get up and eat breakfast as I read your blog, and by the time I got up on Monday mornings, the recap would be there--it was a magical time. Then I moved to NY, the Ann/MAnn cycle sucked all our wills to live, and I was on EST, that the whole Monday schedule got thrown off. I finally just started forcing myself to check later in the week for recaps. I feel so out of the loop.

But man... I cannot wait for your recap next week. SO MANY BLOW JOB FACES! Also: how do you portray "loveable" or "trustworthy" or "proud" whilst eating a hot dog?? Not even ANTM has the answer. I think the top two photos this week were chosen precisely because their photos somewhat conveyed their "brand" and weren't horrific porno shots of women with phallic shaped objects.

And I agree with the comment above: we NEED a screenshot of that weird ass Photoshop monstrosity at the end of the show. The next few questions will be in all caps to stress my confusion/exasperation/adoration for that image: WHY IS ALEXANDRIA ON A MOTORCYCLE?? WHY IS THERE A KIDDY POOL?? WHY?

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