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September 15, 2011



OMIGOSH you're baaaack. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I'm happier about this than I am about the ALL-Stars show. And Tyra is wrong: a real All Stars show would include Jade, Jael, Heather and Shandi. But, above all, it would include Adrienne and the admission that she won Cycle 1. And Elysse because that rant of hers was the second best thing ever on that show. Also, I miss Nene. And Natasha, OMG, Natasha, mrrrrrooooowwwwwww.


First of all, Rich, THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know you said upon leaving your recaps that you felt this was becoming a thankless obligation, so I just want to affirm how much we really do appreciate what you do!

Last season, I searched for other sites that recapped Top Model, and none have the same awesomely intelligent yet hilarious take on this show. You manage to embed perspective and purpose into a show that itself seems to make a valiant effort to INTENTIONALLY remove itself from those concepts.

You're twinkle of my (smizing) eye. Also, the tooch to my booty (btw what..the...hell).


A small part of me was really hoping Alison would mention her interview with Winston as one of the awesome things that has happened to her since her season.

I didn't watch last season so I don't understand the hate for Alexandria...


My girlfriend and I always read your recaps! Both of us did individually before we met each other. So weird!

I am SO excited for you to cover this cycle! Never stop, you fabulous man!

Deborah K

Just want to add my appreciation for your humor Rich! It may take me all season to figure out the difference between Angelea, Dominique and Lisa???? Anyway, love the gifs as always and your amazing(asmizing?) insight. Looking forward to your review of Model Land.


"You WILL see me again" fulfilled! Welcome back, Rich. For now....


Thank goodness the recaps are back for now!!!! This all-star season is basically an extended reunion, and I hope the rest of the season is as much of a hot mess as this first episode was.

k. n.

so so happy you're back with ANTM (All Stars) recaps! My sister and I laughed hard. At the episode, but mostly at your recaps.

Holy crap, I hope Alexandria leaves next, she's so flippin' irritating. If she brings back that bow hat I might kick something...


The world is right again.

Since we can't have Jade, I have my fingers crossed for some wonderful Dominiqueisms.


Only 1 of my fav (allison) was on All stars :P Loved that your blog recaps are back :D


Rich: Can you please, please make a gif of Nicki Minaj's reaction when Tyra did the pretend gun firing and said "one of these stars is going to get launched back into space." Nicki did this amazing, like, shudder-inhale and then brought her hand to her face but it was all limp-wristed and gnarled. It was just AMAZING. I had to rewind the DVR several times to rewatch it.

Please, be my hero!



YAY! I stopped watching ANTM ages ago but got sucked into this episode. It wouldn't be the same without a Rich recap.


Thank god you're recapping again! I had learned to live without pot psychology and jersey shore recaps- but I would be lost if you weren't recapping Antm.


So glad you're doing these recaps again. I've canceled my cable, so your recaps are my only connection to this freak show.


I agree, the episode was very "meh" and I had higher hopes (maybe I should have been high to begin with to enjoy it). But Alexandria sticking around? Ugh. Also, I kept wondering about Dominique's tooth... IS IT STILL GONE?!


ANTM seems to have finally embraced its lot as a reality show that has, at best, a tenuous relationship with actual fashion. Hooray for the recaps being back! ANTM is unbearable without 'em.


Much love and lolz. Thank you, Rich!

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

A few people seem disappointed Alexandria is still around lol. Be patient guys, she has potential. She did try to self-direct all her fashion shoots, as I recall, actually running off set to direct the director and cameraguys lol


Rich, you have made a sad girl so happy! i know you werent that interested in recapping and the last few seasons have been like drinking vodka mixed with crystal light (terrible) but i am so so happy you could not resist the tacky tyra-nnasourus rex all "star" cycle. I cannot stop laughing that they didnt learn anything the first time.


Allison & Laura! MY FAVES!!!


YES! Rich, you've been missed
Go Allison!


Rich, I live for your recaps. If it weren't for how exquisitely you write about this show, I would have given up on it long ago; that's the most back-handed way of begging you to continue.


oh Rich! im so glad you recapped, i missed the episode (surprise surprise) and checked out of habit to see if you recapped! YAAAAY!!!<3


OMG Rich TY!! welcome back :))) we miss reading your recaps

Kimberley Fink-Adams

Yay oh yayayayay!!! Thanks for coming back for this "All Star" cycle; the closing GIFs made my day!!!

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