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September 21, 2011



'under-read' might be a redundant conclusion. Faggots is just not reading they history anymore, they're not not reading those two books particularly.


Sounds refreshing. I'm not really into "allegory" in my narrative art. I feel like the more specific, the more relatable and universal.


"The message is simple: we can't yet reverse the gay/straight binary, because there's still so much to work through on our side."

That is the most perfect summation of this moment in time as I have come across.

Thank you.


I am more concerned with the stereotype of "neo-bears" being portraited even in movies now. Why do gay guys confuse short hair, beard and/or muscles with masculinity?? I don't get it! It's a shame and a travesty, especially when looking at sex symbols of the 70s, like Mick Jagger.

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They probably present gays the way total idiots think we live and act! Isn't that what that whole "Another XXXXX Movie" franchise was about? It's satire.


Sounds interesting.

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'in the event you're looking for career options in heavy machinery.'

How ridiculously fortuitous that I came to your blog today, Rich, insofar as I am only recently eager to make a bold career shift. Screw my law firm; I see a whole new world of heavy machinery laid out before me.


Thanks for posting this! I was curious how this movie would be. The trailer looked alright, but I was worried it'd be an hour and a half of moody bullshit, which it sounds like it might be.

And I kinda agree with the above comment about masculinity, media portrayals, etc. I mean, yeah there are gay men out there like these characters I'm sure, but I'm not entirely enthused about there being basically only two types of gay men portrayed in TV and movies, those being the ultra-flamboyant gay and the "look we can almost be straight!" gay. where's the in-between? where's the (internal) conflict of trying to juggle both types when we're typically compartmentalized into either top or bottom, masc or fem.


You say we're years away from...a gay version of "Before Sunrise," but while I don't suggest it's quite the same type of film, "Trick" presented a gay couple meeting and spending one night together in a very matter-of-fact manner, way back in 1999. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0162710/

I liked "Weekend," although I agree there was a bit too much navel gazing. I think "Trick" was a better film, and not just because Tori Spelling was in it.

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I like that too. good clip, yes, there should be a recap.

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