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September 12, 2011



There is nothing I don't love about this man. I am sending him a deep, deep, deep meaningful silence even as we speak.


Something I wouldn't be surprised to see in my hometown newspaper. *sigh*


Son, the silence you heard was me dumbstruck by your stupidity. No child of mine should be that thick.

Love, Mama Irene


Hahahaha, Mark Soifer. I actually have no doubt this was the actual verbatim out-loud convo he had with his dearly departed mother (she was a nice lady). Including the shill for OC. I've never heard him NOT talk like that. He looks and acts like the creepy sales guy from WKRP, but dammit he can get shit DONE in that town, promotions-wise.


Did anyone else think this was really cute? I did cringe at the end but it still got to me


Mark: I think Paterson NJ hates your mom.

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

LOL. truly inspirational, Mark, let's change the world together.

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Makes me want to rethink the "mind" talks I have with my dearly departed mom.


Grrrrl...this has nothing on Modelland. You don't even know how excited you should be.

Irene Lundrigan

I hope Mark enjoyed MY hurricane!

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After Hurricane Hazel, my Grandma Hazel had a new nickname. (It suited her, too!)

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