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September 22, 2011



I'm so thrilled you talked about the Bre = Sundai transformation that I mentioned on Twitter last night! Worst. Makeover. Ever.


oh sweet holy fuck how i have missed you <33


I wasn't sad to say see ya to a more reserved Sheena, but am still puzzled by the presence of Isis. (O elders fleet and strong and wise, appear before my seeking eyes!) Couldn't RuPaul have spared one pretty ladyboy for Tyra?


lol Rich thanks for the laugh.
this was a hilarious episode, from laura's gay hot dog to isis posing in that penis pose. as andre said...too much crotch!!
and wow lisa looooks old lol reallly old.
but i really do love all stars, i feel the producers have set out to make this as much of a train wreck as possible.
and also now that you pointed it out, i do get the scat vibe from laura's picture lol.
and when alexandria cried when jay said she look great hahahaha that was hilarious too... and her line "my fans think im annoying" hmmm what kind of fans are they?? lol


Wonderful recap as usual!

That weave/extensions line had to be the best line of the night, it had me rolling. I especially like how Bianca turned it from a statment into a put down on the other girl. Candid? Check!


Posted by: Lars | September 22, 2011 at 12:56 PM

i agree Lars. isis is just not pretty at all....wayy to skinny almost skeletal.

ive seeing more fierce bitches on rupaul's drag race.

sutan who was on antm, and later won drag race, would walk all over isis.

Leah C.

Alrighty... so Bre's makeover was not a stunning success, but it was MUCH better than the mop she had on her head. MUCH better.


What was with all the turbans? I was really hoping it was because Tyra shaved everyone's head. Alas.
And the hot dog branding? Tyra is just setting herself up to be camp and a pop culture reference at this point.


YAY!!!!!Your antm posts are BACK!!! Because I live in the south I am thus qualified to say THANK YOU JESUS! And um, do you sound like Roger the Alien in real life or is that just in my head? Because you do and he's my newest hero. Or was until I stumbled on your new ANTM posts. He's an alien. He won't mind.
I love you for saving my brain from antm. Will you run for president?


I dont like Alexandria's cut, and on top she cries of hapiness, give me a break


THANK YOU for the gif of Tyra chomping her teeth. That's all I've ever wanted...


Alexandria Post Make-Over = Courtney Love


The only thing I can think of is how much better Bianca looks with hair.

Also...you didn't mention (or I missed it), but Tyra has even turned the word "makeover" into a brand. Everybody got "TYovers" this week.


I am so glad you're back with your recaps! I missed them. Especially because when Tyra did that weird fake chomp laugh, I knew I'd be able to find a gif here.


I didn't think it was possible but I like Alexandria even less after this. I am CRUSHED that Sheena won't be on the show anymore. I was really looking forward to getting Sheenafied all over again.

Also, I love the Soapdish quote. I am SO glad you're recapping this.


I think Jesus is Isis' daddy because the ridick Photoshopping on her top photo from last week has her walki... er, posing sexily on water. The way Jesus would do.

Thanks for the recap, Rich! I appreciate how hard you work to get them done.


Thank you, Rich! I am so pleased that you decided to recap this season!


Oh, I too am grossed out by "branding" as a concept, but I must disagree where "Modelland" -- as either theme park or book (or book as theme park) -- is concerned. I think what we have on our hands with this book has far more camp value than, say, the Kardashians hawking leopard print, on account of the sheer, like, ingenuity of Tyra's absurdity, and the earnestness with which she treats her world-building, how she approaches the superficial w/ dead seriousness, and then just, like, the full extent of her apeshit stylization, hubris, and, yes, inventiveness. You cannot say she lacks imagination.

...Also, the world will absolutely be a better place after I open TJYLAND.


Someone on my Twitter just linked to this and I need to say thank you to them for making my week but YOU wrote it so thank you for making my week. I hate reading these pre watching but GAWD, anyone could have told you that Sheena would be first out the door so it's not exactly a spoiler.

The hotdogs are rofl-ing everywhere. Is this whole season going to be a farce. Please?

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

I thought Nigel looked hotter with his ridiculous hair. Now he just looks like smarmy old Nigel again. Thanks tyra


thanks for ruining Sade forever. So glad you are doing this again btw thanks for the laughs


Thank you for that last gif. Thank you so much. I need that gif in my life.


Lisa, the haggard reptile, had the best photo? Is it so daring to eat with your mouth open? I don't understand this show anymore.


Why, does the word free have a vagina - Bwahhahahahahahaha!


i am really glad you started recapping again for this season. if i couldn't come here after watching tyra get rid of both brittany and sheena i would quit this show.

in retrospect this might not look like i'm thanking you. but i am.

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