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September 22, 2011



Am I the only one who thinks this show has gone ape shit crazy?!


I totally get not wanting to recap ANTM for as long as you (and Tyra) both shall live. Because you know her vapid ass WILL outlast you. But when I heard ANTM was all-starring this season, I came here hoping and praying you weren't going to stay away. Thank you for making me laugh outloud like I have for years reading your recaps before.

Also, I'm kind of bummed Dominique has all her teeth. At least she still has her unique bone structure/drag face/all-this/pretty.


omg your back yay!!!
i was over at rtv games & saw that gif of Isis & instantly thought
& wouldnt u know it your back
your my weekly high
seriously love your hard work
very funny
love love love love love!!!
im surprised u had nothing to say about Ashlee Simpson but ohwell
glad your back :)


I want you to know that I have officially stopped watching ANTM after this episode. Hot dogs? really? branding? Sheena sent home after Brittany sent home????? Eff'ing ridiculous. I'm done. Fuck Tyra Banks. I may, however, tune into your blog, because quite honestly, this is the only thing interesting about that show nowadays.


Actually had tears from laughing, without the Alexandria drugs. Thank you, thank you. Brilliant recap. Can't wait to see what they are going to do next. So glad you have returned to document this train wreck.


fun playalong-at-home game: watch the episode and whenever shannon pops up, pretend she is stoned out of her mind. she suddenly makes much more sense.


thank you rich!
love your gifs as always especially Dobby imitating polandria and the photo of the nice crops lady <3 <3 <3 isnt she actually the new mrs. potatoehead of the 21 century herself?
i love how sheenas look in your gif is so disneys mulan meets the hippos in tutus from fantasia. if she would have done that more shed probably be still on tv..

god i wish i would drive to amphetown with polandria right now.. :D


I think he meant "Volvo" with the safety thing. When I think of safety I think of bullet-proof vest but I used to be a cop...


Lisa = Woody Harrelson


Best. Recap. In. The. History. Of. Fourfour.


This season is as excellent as a train wreck. I love it, though. I'm so glad you're recapping it! Thank you, thank you!

I totally thought "Oh, this is _so_ going to be on Rich's recap" when Bre said that line about putting the caution around her bed. What the hell does that even mean???


Is it just me that kind of liked Bre's hair? It was better than the mum hair she was sporting in the first episode anyway. I also thought it was really funny how Kayla could not seem to grasp the word 'free' at all. I mean, obviously most of those branding words were fucking stupid, but I seem to remember Kayla had 'free' written on her neck in that power word photoshoot and all the judges fawned over her photo.

I'm gutted Sheena went home and am starting to see a recurring pattern in the most awesome girls being sent home. However, having a photoshoot where the girls fellate hot dogs does just indicate how much of a hot mess this show is becoming, so I'm still watching.




I have so missed your commentaries. Part of the fun I have in watching the episodes is in picking out the gifable moments.

That odd Tyra jaw-waggling laugh was just a given


Bre looks like the guy who played Michael on Lost. Go take a good look at Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet if you don't believe me. "Young hearts, run free..."

And that hot dog picture of Isis was beyond hilarious in a Freudian sort of way...


i tittered with glee when i saw pinks! (which has really nasty/good nasty hot dogs, btw). i'm so happy you're back on the antm train, i could titter again.


Thank you for recapping this cycle! I hoped you'd come out of ANTM-retirement for this one and you did! I lol'd so many times just reading your recap, I scared my cat away. You and your gifs are brilliant. :)


Sundai makeover? I thought Furonda. http://www.bigbtv.com/Images/RealityTV/AmericasTopModel/AmericasTopModel6/cast/Furonda.jpg


I understood why you stopped recapping ANTM, though that didn't keep me from thinking "Rich would gif that!" during particularly absurd moments in the last cycle and then getting a little sad. It's so good to have you back for this one!

It occurred to me that since Tyra said this brand guru works with her, we were probably just introduced to the man who coined "smize" and "Ty-over" and the other ANTM vocabulary we love to mock. At the very least, this must have been the guy who led her in that direction.

I don't know whether to him send him flowers or put him in a cage match against whoever decided Jessie J should wear all those skintight bodysuits.


So glad you're recapping this show again!!!

Vanessa M

Do you remember when Nigel was sorta kinda likable? He just gets creepier and muggier every cycle.

There are many recappers these days as you once said but none approach your way with gifs, so bless you for the one of Tyra eating her own face. What the fuck is Allison doing in those credits?

This show is ass. I'm so embarrassed to be watching again. But I'm glad you got the band back together, Rich!


Thanks for the recap! As always you manage to point out all of the most embarassing, hilarious and dumb moments. (I was misssing the recaps when you weren't doing them, so I'm glad they're back!)


You had me from "The best of the best got their start with wieners in their mouths."


I wanted to grab my TV and shake it. "THERE'S FOOD IN HER MOUTH! TOP MODELS DO NOT SHOW A-B-C FOOD!" How did the entire panel agree on this?

Alexandria's new look is Courtney Love all the way. Her attitude about it turned her into a cracked-out Courtney Love. (The best kind of CL.) I hope all of the alcoholics from seasons past get her drunk A LOT. I want to see full-blown Alexandria Love.


Oh I'm so glad I wasn't the only one not getting the branding bullshit. I thought it might be because I'm not American, but I was still confused as fuck about the "obvious" cowboys and safety cars.

I feel like this show has nowhere to go after this cycle, so they're just goofing off. The product placements/sponsorships/whatever also seem tackier than ever. Hot dogs!

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