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September 22, 2011



Bianca had the only cute picture of the (awful, terrible, disgusting) bunch. I couldn't believe they were being ENCOURAGED to rub food on themselves. Eck.


Still sooo happy you're back!

marion rosenfeld


Catharsis! Thank you, Rich, I needed this.

This week's recap has reached previously unheard of levels of hilarity!

The build-up then... Boom! Nigel bit and from there on down.

Have actual tears of laughter squirting out my eyes. Repeatedly.


My teacher mentioned something about foam balls, but i don't know how to label a foam ball! I also saw this model with food, but i don't think that's what she had in mind.


I thought for sure you'd comment on how coked-out Ashlee Simpson appeared.

Amy S.

That gif of Isis in the confessional immediately put this image in my mind:



Long live Rich!


Today I learned what the word "ambergris" means...where did you get such an obscure and specific term??? I love it.


Rich, this is one of your best.

I was on life-support from last week then died quickly about two gifs into it. DNR.


i am gunning for alexandria cos she looks like a vintage baby doll head and the masses can't handle her quirk

El Prismo

As for Kayla's desire to represent the LGBT community, a hot dog without a sausage would have done the job.

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hey thats an nice way of advertising but it is little bit extra


Oh GOD Rich I am so happy to have you back in my ANTM life! I missed you so much the past season(s?), but every episode I watched, knowing you wouldn't be recapping it, I took solace in the fact that you could just watch the show and enjoy all it's ridiculousness without having to worry about rehashing it all over again for our entertainment. But I knew you would come back out of the ANTM recap closet for the All Stars shenanigans! If for nothing else but Sheena! Thanks a million, I hope you know how much we appreciate all the time you invest in this, and I hope you think that all our snorts and giggles are worth it! Much love to you!


OMG more recaps. The baby Jesus weeps with joy! LOVE it. Can't wait for more and what you have to say about the bowl on Isis' head that she wore to elimination.

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have a nice day

Taylor Grace

Rich, if you (and ONLY you!) wrote _Model Land_, I would freaking read it.

pc error

I like that too. good clip, yes, there should be a recap.

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