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September 09, 2011


Michael Jackson



Welcome back!


we missed you!

okay, I missed you.



Let us all breathe a collective sigh of relief!

SO glad you're back. I relate to no other "blogger" as well as I do to you. Your posts are like thoughts I just haven't discovered yet.



Ahhhhhh, and the world is right again :)


Yay you're back! So excited for your ANTM all-stars recaps!


I wanna know what happened with TV Guide!


Ummmm If you do a super cut of "Whore" I will literally love you 1000% more!!!!! Glad you're back Rich!

Ps if you do super cut that movie you have to put in a gif with the calamari waving in front of her face. Thats not a request, but a command! "Looks like a dick!, Tastes like a dick! All I wanted was a slice of cherry pie with some ice cream on top!"


Oh thank god.

I thought you were just done with us.

You have been missed.


I had been checking here probably 5x a day and when I saw the new post today, it just...it was awesome.


Aw, I hope your split with TV Guide wasn't anything traumatic and that you find another steady position soon! I'm excited for the fresh posts. :)

White Chocolate

Yay, Rich. You are the best, and I'll always keep neurotically checking your page for updates daily. Hope that this next chapter leads to world FourFour domination, or at least some awesome stuff.

Mary Backstayge

So happy you're back. My favorite pic of Winston yet, I think. I'm from MA and I'm so proud of that scribbled-on genitalia. Because you seem to be a bit of a perfectionist in your writing, I feel compelled to point out that you've got an extra "e" in Massachusetts. Unless that's the name of an all-girl group from the Motown era :0).


love love love the pic of winston


I've been missing your wit and wisdom. Thanks for being back.


All I've got to say is "YAY" but I really mean it. Looking forward to it all.

Heh, "outfits". For a while, there was a sex shop below my flat called "SEX SHOP".

Deborah K

Your refuge is our refuge too.

So glad you're back....I neurotically checked every day along with so many others waiting for your return!

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I like pickles.


I totally meant to email you about the WaPo article on the Kardashians to let you know that my dad must subconsciously like your writing, because he read two whole paragraphs of it. Given my dad's general loathing of anything reality-tv-related, that is an accomplishment.

(I also read the article, and loved it. It was good to see something both fun and analytical amid the usual depression of the Outlook section)


I am kinda glad you're no longer with TV Guide.com. That never seemed a good fit for you, or for us. And I didn't like us to be at the end of your list of things to do. We need you! I missed not checking in with you every day. I don't particularly care what you write about -- I just need to read your brand of snarkery.

Welcome back!


Strange fact about E.B. White & that Winston pic is christ-like. Glad to see you're back! :D


The only thing I have to say about the TVGuide gig is that I will miss the discussion of Game of Thrones between you and Hannah. I think half of my jollies were had by the simple thought of you sitting down to watch a show like GoT. The other half were had by your observations. Since you came at from such a fresh perspective, it was kind of fascinating. Anywhoodles, so happy you'll have a little time for yourself and us. Welcome back!

anne van atta

Oh so glad you're back, Rich! I really missed you.....


just found you 2 weeks ago... (dancin' on air alumnus) :P
and have checked back daily.. wanting more!

soooo happy your back-

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