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September 13, 2011



lol amazing, perfect, etc


The world could never have enough Winston in it. Additionally I would like hire Winston to spin at my next spin-worthy function. I shall pay him in bananas - ALL THE BANANAS.


1. Does Winston have claws? Because, ouch.
2. I like how he changes it up when we get to the instrumental solo.
3. I need to send you videos of my kitties so that you can make them 100 times funnier.


He's a quick-kneader..my cat draws it out, as evidenced by all the long claw marks up and down my arms! So happy for a new Winston video!


Wooo! Winston!!! Homeboy has rhythm! I love his strange, adorable, purrfectly round head. :D

White Chocolate

Winston is so cute when he's "making biscuits"!

Also, his eyes look a little demonic... he just needs rainbow-lasers to shoot out of them!

Eye Secrets

In the movie singing along with Doris Day and Rock Hudson in the movie pillow talk there is a very strong voiced african american singer that actually sings the song and then asks ms Day's Character to sing along.




My heart exploded into a million pieces of happiness!


A new Winston video?!? My Wednesday is complete!


Far be it from me to tell you how to do your thang, Rich...But I'd love to hear the original version of "Pillow Talk" with this video.

wish in one hand

I need to ask my doctor if my heart is healthy enough for videos of Winston.

Marsha Smith

That kitty is in sheer, complete, utter ecstasy! My kitty would get in clothes just out of the dryer and knead. Just wonderful!


Eat your heart out, Keyboard Cat!

pc error

I like that too. good clip, yes, there should be a recap.

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