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September 16, 2011





I'll be bringing one in next time I visit my local hair salon. They had better have their own vacuum.


Oh-ho, those kids. They sure love to experiment!


I don't think I ever actually knew what a flowbee was. You've enlightened me.


Damn it, Rich, how do you find these amazingly awful things?
"I pretty much have a trendy haircut." Now, how much subjectivity exists between "pretty much" and "not at all?"


Did i mention I like pickles?


OMG, that looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

I bet hairdressers had a field day after that came out, with salons full of people with crap home haircuts, wanting them fixed.


That one guy is actually kinda cute...

Mary Backstayge

That guy reminds me of Fred Willard's character at the Mayflower Dog Show in Best in Show ... except that's meant to be funny, and this isn't!

Miss Lisa

Screw the Flowbee--I want one of those completely silent vacuum cleaners they're using.


Actually, you can still order them on the flowbee website. And they have a 30 day return policy!


My dad actually has one of these.


Brian Collins is like a Bryan Cranston character without the weird, awkward charm.

Superannuation Fund

I haven't tried that one yet. But I am a bit worried if it works good or if using flowbee is safe.

pc error

I like that too. good clip, yes, there should be a recap.

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