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September 26, 2011



I have that VHS and love it. The witch is my favorite.


Gleep, glop, glorp, AH AH

And that means "I love you!"

I think that's what it was, anyway. I didn't think there could be a worse Jetsons song than that! Guess I was wrong. :D


As a victim of my generation, I'm still gutted that I don't yet have my flying car.


After I posted yesterday, I remembered that it's actually "oop, op, eep, AH AH."

These things really matter to me, for some reason. :/

Cedar Rapids

There was a recent interest in the Economics of the Jetson's World. Questions came up about how well could Jet Screamer live, if everyone in the world worked nine hours a week and lived in mansions in the sky. He was probably giving his music away, just performing for fun.

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i like this song!
thanks for sharing this!




Actually Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah means I love you =)


I'm not going to lie. This used to be my favorite movie (I was 8 or 9 and loved Judy Jetson). This video is actually nostalgic for me, so thanks for sharing it!


I am horrified that may get stuck in my head. I have used Rosie as my profile pic on facebook when I am feeling downtrodden.

A Fan

En Vogue is playing CMJ 2011. You better take advantage of that press pass. We expect a full report. Thanks.


This sounds like 861-5309

Michael Singh

I saw 'Jetsons: The Movie' in the cinema becuase Tiffany did the voice of Judy. It was not the best and neither were the songs she did.

This year friends thought there was something wrong with me when I asked if they wanted to see 'The Smurfs in 3D' but I still love cartoons.

Looking forward to your Jetsons post.

Superannuation Australia

That's why I hate nonsense cartoons. It's a waste of my time watching them.

Jay Engel

it sounds like a lady gaga song.

pc error

I like that too. good clip, yes, there should be a recap.

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It's not the worst..my sister's song was the worst..she sang once during my fathers birthday and she really make the crowd freeze with her out of the world voice.

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