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Points for honesty, at least?




What! That's even weirder considering it's Tarsem Singh's follow-up to The Fall and The Cell. Amazing.


Amazing. I loooooooooooove pop culture's specific uses of language, and this, for its comically absurd stripped-down honesty, is a revelation. Holy shit!


Targeted marketing at its finest.

HGH Extreme

Which do you think is the best commercial ever?Links to videos are well accepted.


Wow! I actually was not expecting it to be that AWESOME (!)
Is this actually shown in TV?
Very catching... Is this audiovisuals advertising's last resort?
"let's just be blunt about our manipulation" or something of the sort
I love it

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Looks pretty CGIey to me. I'm sure I'll waste my money on it anyway though.


I am dying to hear what you have to say about the Pot Ledom-Hobbit video challenge this week. What a glorious new low!

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

I found the pronunciation interesting, why leedum, instead of leadum or ledom?


that is almost insulting considering this movie is made by the same guy who gave us The Cell and The Fall. It's going to be a visual masterpiece as usual.


and everyone is going to kill everyone else HA

Dwight Supremacy

LOL! Love it!

Spy Gadgets

Thanks for sharing!

Rose Ector

LOL! That was hilarious! I wonder who made the script. He or she's probably a fan of frightening and epic movies. I laughed when you said you won't spoil it here, yet you shared the full text. Hehe, did you ever think about watching this?

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