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October 24, 2011


Ryan Fischer

Thanks for recapping. Loved this episode! And the Allison gifs? You're the bomb.


They love Allison. At the shoot, Jay and Coco were both like, "Allison basically sucked this week and Kayla was better." Then at judging, ALLISON got called before Kayla.

Good news for the creepy-chan fans...


thank you for a great recap.


Thank you for taking the time to recap this episode, Rich. Also, congratulations on your new job!


Recapping on Sunday may be painful... but we LOVE you for it! And I think I'm actually rooting for LISA in this amazing train wreck of a competition.


Your gifs are masterpieces! I don't even keep up with this show and always love your recaps!

Tyra's Busted Weave

Coco Rocha creeped me and boyfriend out. Every time she was on camera, we said, "Oh God, she is so emaciated, and not in a skinny but atractive way." Then I did my online research (thankyouverymuch) and found out that a few years ago she got called out for being "fat" (a size 4 - nearly elephant-sized!). I guess she just stopped eating...


When I read "Bonnie Tyler instilled in me at a young age a deep love of women who every now and then fall apart." I need you to know - this touched my heart! That was the best part of the re-cap! You are so awesome! And that you caught Tyra's brilliant observation about Alexandria looking like a reality show contestant posing with a model - love that we were on the same page when we heard that! Thanks for the laughs! Congrats on your new gig!


Lisa and those glasses... ALT was right to call her déclassée last week. She drives me insane.

Ain't Baroque

I did not expect Radiohead here. Unexpected Radiohead + ANTM recap = awesome.


Hello, Rich, from your Shakeytown Radio friends!

So... what did you think of Bre walking out as soon as she was eliminated, not staying for the Tyra hug and pep talk?


Did anyone else notice that both Brittany and Camille were playing football in charity game? Do they keep the axed models around the whole season just in case they need some extras in a scene? I thought they only did that once they'd gone abroad.


Love this!!!


Instead of "win at sports" it should’ve been "I’m a lesbian and we all have to go chop some wood!" Kayla, please learn your lesbo abcs!!

Malvin's Egg

Lisa's Hair looks like the crazy possessed chick from Evil Dead.

Jodie Whalo

I love that Bre basically said, "Fuck this, I'm out." Her job is done, she can go grab her paycheck and skedaddle without listening to one more word of Tyra's bullshit. YOU ROCK, BRE.

Fraulein Steve

You know what, Rich? You need to do recaps of recaps!!! ARe you watching Bianca's video blog? Or....heaven forbid....JADE COLE'S vblog???? Hilarious. think about it....recaps of recaps.... :P


Maybe I just haven't seen them in a while but your gifs are looking super high-def this time round.

I cannot thank you hard enough for NOT superimposing a mantis onto Bianca's head, I scrolled with fear (even typing their names makes me shudder) but it wasn't there! Not that it even matters because that gif of Lisa's convex/concave hair will haunt my dreams anyway.

Really enjoyed this recap - cheers!


Reading this is so enjoyable...thank you, Rich!!!

Congrats on the new job!

Allison = WIN!


Thanks for making me laugh. I needed it. The Lisa hair gif and explanation is completely priceless. You rock so hard. If I could, I would bestow upon you sex with the football player of your choice. :-D

bazooka joe

Ok was I the only one who the entire episode was mesmerized by the photography Douglas Friedman?? I couldn't even deal w/ the rest of the episode because my panties kept having to be changed.

Andrew M

I have LOVED Coco Rocha since I first saw her walking runways for Oscar De La Renta. She's a really good model. I also loved how she threw model-shade (but in a classy,sneaky way) by pointing out (twice!) to the judges that Angelea held up the photo shoot by leaving the set to go cry.


i know coco is hella waif thin, but she was called fat not so long ago, so i guess that is why she has lost more weight.

apart from that, she knows how to pose and per presence on the show just went to prove (not that it needed it) that this show is not a modelling talent scout.


i look at all these girls and i thought, NOT one was top model working material and i love these girls. but i love them because of the drama lol not because they have huge modelling potential


and congrats Rich on your new job :) and thanks for the recap. Only you can recap this show and make it more interesting.


By the way, i forgot to point out that when Tyra did that challenge with Sears, it reminded me on the ANTM parody, cleveland's next top model, LOL which also a winning prize of being a catalogue model for sears.

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