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October 11, 2011



LOVE. I knew something would come of those DA caps you were posting on tumblr. I need to start saying "SCOFF" whenever I am disgusted.

Catherine T

That sounds about right! I have started watching Season 2 (it's broadcasting in England) and it's much of the same wonderfulness!


Love this show, too, but I don't think the british aristocracy chuckle. (chuckles)


I imagine that "(chuckles to herself)" is the subtitle of Maggie Smith's existence.


I LOVE DOWNTOWN ABBEY!!! and...that about sums it up.


No one delivers a sigh quite like Dame Maggie Smith


*Chuckles* Great post! I love Downton Abbey. O'Brien is such a bitch.


If only it said (slurp) during the kiss between the hot footman Thomas and the Duke...(sighs)


THANK YOU, Rich! American English is my first language, and I've never enjoyed British television shows or movies because I can't understand what the actors are saying. When I've tried to tell people that, they look at me like I'm insane. Maybe I am, but at least now I know I'm in good company.


Chuckle, laugh, sigh, scoff, sob, gasp, gag, string quartet, mumble, applaud - sounds like Christmas with my family.

Mallery Heise

Sighs, sobbing, gasps, it's already playing in England?!!! Cousin Fucking Matthew Christ!!


I love that if I had to play "match the subtitle to the screengrab" I'd probably mix up the "laughter" and the "sighs" completely.



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