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October 13, 2011



Crying 716 Citizen... that made me snort. Thank you for doing this, you make watching the show SO much more enjoyable!
I love when Bre went running upstairs to tattle on the girls gossiping and she had taken her big ol' earrings off... I was hoping shit was about to go down, but nope...


"We didn't make up this shit. Fashion did." Thank you, as always, for another delightful recap, Rich!


"She's scared of water—I'm the deep end. She's scared of dogs—I'm a pit bull. And she better watch her back." Lisa's crazy bitch is infinitely more entertaining (and articulate) than Bianca's "funny" bitch. Hope Lisa stays a lot longer (...until everyone realizes she looks super old and she comes in sixth)!


bahahaahahaha allison = miranda july


Allison looked REALLY scary in costume
that is all...


Miranda Gilly.. that's just classic.


It's kind of bizare that Laura got best picture, when I saw the leaked shots I worried that she'd be going home for that hot mess. And Bre's was incredible.


bless you for the gif of Allison avoiding drama. that is all i wanted! But her as Jackson five michael, is also pretty sweet.

Monica Regan

Laura looks like Kate Bush!


your recaps have been on POINT for this cycle. hilarious!!


Lisa's dancing cracked me up. I don't remember MJ doing the cabbage patch.


Crying Heathen&Crying 716 Citizen made my day rich thank you! <3
I expected more from the Lex/Lisa dancing gif since it was so geniously edited into the episode but oh well...

Dont you think Bre is the biggest and lostest?! loser here? These two challenge wins wont safe her from getting eliminated for boring pictures. Shes so secondguessing herself stepping in front of Bianca and taking her shit all the time... mehmehmeh

Angelea&Dominique on the caroussel are stunning btw!!

And Laura is one of the brightest stars here and laughing about her wont make you prettier betchass! ;)


Are we still sure Lisa in not, in fact, Woody Harrelson in drag? Her face is just... daaaamn!


I was really hoping you'd comment on Angelea amazing form on the carousel runway, or at the very least gif her 'drunk aunt' moment.


Glad you mentioned it, because Bre's was by FAR the best of the bunch and she wasn't even called out near the top. Who cares if she isn't breathing at the right time.. if she gets the shot, she GETS THE SHOT!

For the most part I go along with the ridiculousness of this show, but I really felt like she was robbed on that one.


Miss Jay's outfit was so disappointing. I was expecting something that looked like he stopped over in Tripoli and raided Gaddafi's closet... this was boring.

I liked the photoshoot kinda.

And oh sweet drama-avoiding Alison.

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Shannon's crying was just totally ridiculous and manipulative. I'm glad Bianca called it out for what it was and didn't fall for it like almost all the other girls. It would be nice to know the timeline though as far as how many times Bianca continued to call Shannon the "crying Christian" even after Shannon had apologized to her for it lol.


When I watched the episode and saw the split second of Laura riding Lisa like a pony I prayed you'd gif that Rich! Thank you for answering my prayer!


My goodness Lisa is so ugly.


my girl bianca isn't getting a fair shake, and is totes getting the bitch edit! shannon is an asshole who's terrible at math (1 hr and a half is NOT the same as 200 minutes, LOL!), lisa is annoying and not at all funny and i get the sense that she only goes after bianca because she wants to be the diva who takes down the diva. it's lame.

Hotlips Houlihan

a veritable treasure trove of animated gif action. bravo! p.s. i hate those kard-ass-ians, but i seriously love sears.


i think the people of ANTM are trying to get on your good side...first Latoya, maybe Judge Judy next...Valley of the Dolls themed photoshoot...think of the possibilities!


:( not so much angelea this week

but LOL @ Angelea getting off the carousel, 716!! woot woot.

and again LOL@ Crying Former Employee of a Financial Institution Angelea

seriously tyra better have filmed some funnier and ccrazier shit, because im underwhelmed.


and i agree with Rich (who looks extremely handsome in that interview with Sheena, may i add).

I agree, unless they can make the hulk sister look good, i wont be signing up.

those clothes are ugly! and hulk looks like a stuffed potato.

Also they are three sisters why they dont call their clothes KKK?


Angelea did have an awesome moment when Chiklis was all serious "Did everyone enjoy the show?".... and Angelea's like "I ENJOYED THE SHOW!! WOOOO!!!!" (and proceeded to dance with Lisa)

Great recap as always. :) So glad you're back!

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