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October 31, 2011



So maybe I can deal with this if I pretend he's delivering pizza to the OWS folks...


Aw, I'm so sad we won't get to see Winston in a Halloween costume this year! Maybe you can dress him and Rudy up for Christmas (Winston as Santa and Rudy as an elf? Mrs. Santa?) to make up for it!!


Winston is the pizza topping of course!


Winston AND pizza? We're not worthy.


Ehn! If'n I knew you were in Austin, I could've come and harassed you!

It's all good. I'm imagining him being Wilford Brimley, warning of the dangers of eating too much pizza.


We'll forgive you, Rich. It does my heart happy to see Win on the top of a pizza box, though.


Love the "Don't tell Mom..." reference. I love that stupid movie.


"please accept these pictures of Winston sitting on a pizza box as a shitty substitution for pictures of him in a Halloween costume"

God damn I love your writting!


Oh, and I think I know just why it is you were in Texas and I think that reason is deliciously "creepy". Can't wait can't wait.

little orphan orange

I can't lie. my heart broke a little.
winston & rudy 2012!!


He's the 1% of cats privileged enough to sit on pizza boxes.


Ummmm...how did you get him to sit so calmly on the pizza box? My cat would have been diligently working to get the box open.


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I came for Winnie & Rudy Halloween 2011 Pictures. There were none. I however I will accept your offering of Winston on a Pizza Box on the condition that there will also be a Winston Rudy Christmas Costume photo in the near future.

...or you know may my not. Because you'll probably be busy then as well.

I'll just be quiet and take what I can get.


OMG! Grandma Rose's! someone actually orders pizza from there besides me!


I just assumed it was Rudy dressed up as Winston.

If I was a cat, Winston would be my costume of choice.


You're in Austin? I'M IN AUSTIN! Hope you're enjoying the wonderful weather here! Go to Fonda San Miguel for dinner.

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

I accept and believe this as a valid Halloween costume. He quite clearly is dressed up as an anti-pizza-box-supporter for Halloween. Very original Winston.

Sewing Stash

Winston doesn't look like he would appreciate dressing up in a costume? I think he would figure "why change perfection"?


Dana, I was just about to post, "You're in Austin? I'M IN AUSTIN!"

15% of your readership according to the comments on this page!

I suppose this means I need to back out of the Kitty Pridr tag and see what you were up to :)

Michael Singh

I am sure Winston was thrilled not to be dressed up this year.'Thank fucking God' or 'Enough already Bitches' x

Spy Gadgets

Thanks for sharing!

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