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October 06, 2011


Hotlips Houlihan

soooo glad you are back! you make watching this dreck worth all the wasted, lost hours.

Hotlips Houlihan

soooo glad you are back! you make watching this dreck worth all the wasted, lost hours.


fer serious. You recapping makes this show a million tons better. I loved Laura's dance up there


The recaps being back is making this cycle so much better. Also, saw you on a VH1 show about music videos last night and you looked GOOD.

Jason LeRoy

Did you notice Tyra actually instructing Lisa to "direct the shoot" when she complained about the complicating factors? My head nearly fell off my shoulders. Of all the contradictory things Tyra has said over the years, this has to be in the top five, especially with Alexandria (perhaps the most frequently scolded shoot-director in the show's history) standing right there.

Leah C

Get out of my head, Rich! When they called
Shannon "commercial" I almost spit my merlot out. The only women I see buying Express are receptionists. I can say this as I AM a receptionist. So yeah, they just need to hand this whole bitch to Angelea and walk away. I'd love it if she got her own talk show. Everybody love her.


God the Laura gif bouncing about.. I rewound that 3 times. LOVE HER.

ALSO - just a request, will need a gif of Allison's visual discomfort over two other girls fighting that they teased for next weeks episode. PURE BLISS.


Dominique is totally a character that Cheri Oteri would have played on SNL. Didn't she have another awesome quote this ep? Will have to re-watch.


I thought Camille referred to the box as "work" because she didn't want the others to know it was bills?
Also, add me to the list of people who nearly did a spit-take when Shannon was called commercial.




HAHAHAHA Treasure Island Media. You DOG, you! Keep up the good recapping work! Glad you're back. (and judging from the Sheena interview, as handsome as ever.)


Thank you, Rich...for the recap and the Treasure Island tip!


LOL bianca's face in that last gif is pure <3


So, did anyone else notice that in the last segment of calling girls up for their photos, in different close ups of Camille, her lipstick went from bright red to pink 2 times? God, this show. I can't stop.


How do you rewind a gif, Michael?

FourFour fan

You can have the hairstylist. I want that cute stocky guy with the mustache and van dyke that's always next to Jay when they're at the photo shoots. I bet you know the one.


Heh. Treasure Island. He's got the name for it, Michael Kanyon. Anyway, he's mine bitch. And I DO work at a bank!


ok rich, i just had to stop reading your recap half way because i couldnt hold out any longer.

I TOO am a fanboy of Angelea! i absolutely love her, bitch i worked at a bank!

LOL @ your tweet to her, hilarious! "was it at a bank?" HAHA

And YES Anthony Zuiker summed up this ENTIRE SHOW! hahaha.

ok more comments later, i gotta keep reading the recaps.


Damn, youtube is really cracking down. I can't find the episode :*


Seriously who does Express think it is?? Too commercial for Express? Give me a break. And Tyra with her express train...just kill me now lol


I feel like my brain makes a little clicking noise when I watch ANTM in anticipation of the gifs you are capturing for your blog. Think I got them all this time. The last three are priceless, but one of my favorite moments was the one where Alexandria (curiously) responded to her cue on the CSI audition by putting on a weird duck face and putting her hand under her chin.


I'm surprised you didn't mention anything about the reappearance of Dominique's missing tooth. That was the highlight for me.


HAHAHAHA the Laura dancing gif is amazing! I can't believe I didn't spot it in the show!

So glad you're back with recaps. Love that Sheena's graced your hallowed halls again, too - and I agree I'd like to see Angelea next! She's already tweeted you...

Vanessa M

I think I can speak for you and the vast majority of your commentariat (at minimum) when I say that I don't watch CSI but I would have been all up in that shit if it had an Angelea cameo. I was so bummed she didn't get it. I like Bre but cmon-zzzzzzzzzzzz.

It was soul crushing to see Camille this time around, not the girl with the signature walk but a box of "work." (I wondered the same thing-what was she going to do with that shit? Does the Top Model house have Quicken?) I'd like to remember her as the girl who got dogged in her judging challenge for introducing herself as the Top Model winner causing Janice to make one of her best horrified faces.

I didn't watch Alexandria's cycle and she's so quiet this cycle I have no opinion of her but I did like her picture. Is she doing the robot?

Bianca's face in that last gif is magical.

Damn, Anthony Zuiker. Put on your reading glasses, the library is open (watching way too many RPDR reruns these days...)


THANK YOU for the model boat gif. That plus Laura's little bouncy dance just made my day.

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