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I really did not expect this to be the case, but Angelea is kind of the queen of the All-Star cycle. I'm shocked at how genuinely excited I am to watch her on TV. I probably need to schedule some therapy sessions soon.


That is a huge insult to Jane Lynch.

I wish Laura were the lesbian because I'm a little in love with her.

Debbie Moore

I watched last weeks episode last night before the new one.....and I noticed Angela had on a dress when the judges commented on her picture and then a black tank top w/black shorts (that she kept picking out of her butt) when she was in the bottom 2, just along the same lines as hilarityensues said about Camille's lipstick change!
I too was surprised when they said Shannon's pic was too commercial? I thought that was what Express was!
Thank you again for the recaps! I almost peed my pants when you said you tweeted Angela "Was it with a bank?" Thanks!


Just like Jo Polniaczek was the cool chick, if you know what I mean, and I think you do,

Oh yes. I do. Definitely.


"This is a song you gotta put your pussy into!" -I actually peed a little when I read this!
Also;your assessment of Dominique and Lisa as
"your mom's sisters of the world"--- CLASSIC!

Thanks for the much-needed laugh!


I only watch the show so I can follow along with your recap. Love it!

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Red Bull is dangerous


A: Nice Marla Maples reference, even though the fact that I remember No Excuses jeans ads makes me feel old.
B: You should know on the couple of occasions when you "tweeted at me" I got a little giddy :)


Alexandria=Hilary Clinton with David Agbodj as Obama in the backround outshining her with his freshness and success.. If anyone is Jane Lynch its Lisa obviously...

btw this sparah couple truly disgusts me. Theyre stupid, S-T-U-P-I-D!

Craig Turner

I've been wondering who this "celebrity" couple were for weeks now, so I looked them up. They're apparently two random strangers that Virgin media swept up to promote as a "celebrity couple." The whole "couple" aspect gives me pause. Are they contractually obligated to be romantic? If so, is their comically total lack of chemistry and charisma going to be a problem? Is this a cunningly-designed breeding program for future reality show stars? Is he, God forbid, going to pee on her and make her the next Kardashian? So many questions. :(

Lucille A. Lias

"your mom's sisters of the world"--- CLASSIC!
Thanks for the much-needed laugh!
Posted by: gingerirene

I only watch the show so I can follow along with your recap. Love it!
Posted by: Marianne

YES!!! and YES!!!!!!


Yaaaay it's Wednesday! haha
which means almost Thursday

Account Deleted

Thank you so much Rich for recapping again! I so enjoy your posts! I think I look forward to your recaps than the actual show.. :D



Toothy Tile

Rich and Michael Kanyon? That's a Treasure Island video I'd love to see!


holy crap, i thought i was the only 9 year old girl to watch attitudes!!! seriously, thank you rich for again making me feel like my crazy is normal.


OMG @ the Treasure Island Media reference. GURRRL. I see it with Michael Kanyon tho. And apparently, upon one quick glance at his facebook photos, he and TyTy are bffs. Good luck trying to get all up in that, TIM-style.

This recap was amazing. And you need to find SOME WAY of interviewing Angelea. This must happen. Perhaps Sheena or Allison can hook you up? In any case, this is my new dream.


ROFL @ Kayla's "tooch". (That sounds kind of dirty!)

Phone Sex

I feel affection for her.


This makes my life so much less depressing. Thank you for recapping.

Easter Buffy

Beggars can't be choosers, and one shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but cliches aside, it would be awesome if you recapped this recent "viral video" episode. Just the title alone - oh, the possibilities in your deft hands.

Although, given that I never thought I would hear your dulcet tones upon the page again, I am pretty happy you're back, even if it is in a modified back.

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Thanks for sharing!

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