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October 04, 2011



I love Sheena so hard. And I'm so insanely jealous that you get to hang out with her. But so thankful that you share these beautiful moments with us.

Tyra is totaly British in her head.

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beautiful model!
looking very nice in this video!
thanks for sharing !


wow, now I want to be friends with her.


I love Sheena's personality.


I wish you could do exit interviews with all the girls. You and Angelea is my dream.


Did Sheena get to meet Winston?


Sheena was like, WAAAAAAY to "with it" for Tyra to bear. My money is on Bianca or that short one to win . Allison poses a problem for Tyra because I think Andre and Nigel like her. But man, oh man, does Tyra want Allison OUT. That face she had on after the first episode when it was revealed she was the fan favorite. Anyone who has a semblance of self worth and understanding is Enemy Number One for Miz. Banks.

Anne Noise

Sheena remains the shit! So glad to see you two chatting again, very entertaining.


I have been Sheenafied!

Vanessa M

Thank you Rich. Your minions love us some Sheena. I have to agree with Lisa. We must have more exit interviews. Angelea demonstrates her hammer dance in your living room. Bianca puts up the caution tape. Laura brings you a shirt courtesy of her mamaw. Dominique...I don't have a pithy reference for her but she's from Columbus like me so I love her.



I think Sheena hit it on the head, even as an outsider I've always gotten the feeling that Tyra guns for anyone who makes her feel threatened. And given that Tyra seems to have a boatload of insecurities, if you're a combination of any of the traits that she feels insecure about (in Sheena and Brittany's case, they're both sexy, smart, and funny without it being a forced act like Tyra puts on when she's being "sexy" or "goofy") I don't think she can handle it and will find a reason to boot you ASAP.


yay rich, love sheena :)

nice interview and love your t-shirt!!!

Andrew S. AKA 'O'

Sheena has always known the game and bless her for it. I like that she really went hard! werk boobie!!


I'm actually kind of in love with Sheena...and that t-shirt.


I want to be friends with Sheena. She is awesome. Get this girl a talk show or something!


RE: Sheena's Hair

Now we know why she freaked out the way she did during that episode

And now we know why the makeovers really sucked this season - b/c most of the girls other than Lisa and Bre got it in their contracts that their hair would not be touched...

Michael Singh

Fuck she was a little boring. I love that show though. You are way prettier than her Rich.

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