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October 28, 2011



I can't believe they voted off Bianca after she provided so much entertainment.
Also - in typical Tyra fashion - they ignored the fact that Kayla passed out after having two red bulls and nothing to eat in what appears like days. She got VERY thin, no? Shame she did the All Star season - she had the looks to be model.

PS-notbeyoncebianca is brilliant. As was Tyra telling anyone they're not Beyonce. No, Tyra - you're not Beyonce.

Hotlips Houlihan

1) i was surprised the ladies were not in full on blackface for the nene moments: it's not like it hasn't happened before (many time tamie, in the words of pootie tang)(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnjZS_2zeLU)
2) speaking of video clips featuring tiffany, WHERE THE WHAT IS TIFFANY?!
3) speaking of tiffany, i thought tyra was going to go "we were all rooting for you!" on bianca's ass. missed opportunities.


I hope Bianca was referencing Danielle's epic quote about Nnenna: "You see the sun rise, you see it set, you see the Eiffel Tower, you see the crows cock... all that going on, and Nnenna's still on the phone."


And with "smymens," you've officially become my favorite blogger.


LOL... your recaps actually make this show bearable.

if a living creature was dropped on this planet randomly and didn't know about ANTM and only read your recaps, they would think ANTM is entertaining, not a bore.

And yes Mike Rosenthal is fine fine fine, with clothes and shirtless :P teeheee he is one hot guy.




Kayla's apparently having a lot of success in Japan so she should be jussssst fine.

I think this is my first comment but I've been reading for awhile and you're extra hilarious this cycle Rich.

Deborah K

Rich....Great idea! How to look high fashion while sporting a 3rd breast would be a great ANTM challenge!

Thanks for the wonderful recap and for the image of Angelea with the heavenly barbeque sauce. That will make me happy for days.



I am still waiting for the Modelland-related photo shoot. There has to be one, right?

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Thanks for the Mike Rosenthal freeze frame Rich . Mmmmmm...

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Also sad and upset to see Bianca go, besides having the best photo this week, her entertaining defiance was the perfect complement to Lisa's equally entertaining (blatant and mocking) brownnosing. The Antm yin and yang has been broken.


I, unfortunately, had to miss this episode. But I'm sure that reading your recap of it, Rich, was more fun than watching it! Thank you!


Lisa is the only one who really gets that this cycle isn't about modeling at all but about who can be the biggest and most commercial personality. Everyone else is a pathetic sham of who they were the first time around (except maybe Allison who seems truly confused to even be on the show).


Damn that unclosed tag!


Hi Rich,

So good to have you back. Brittani, the winner from the last cycle, finally got her Vogue Italia spread. http://www.vogue.it/en/beauty/beauty-in-vogue-supplement/2011/11/brittani-on-beauty-in-vogue She looks a lot like Mollie Sue from forever ago.

P.S. I think you need to start an advice column. That would be fun to read.


I am ONLY watching this season because you are recapping. Thank you.

wish in one hand

"Smymen." Rich, you are the everything.


The barbeque sauce comment is so amazing, I'm making sure that I use it at some point in my life.


Oh man. Your analysis of how ridiculous this show is is spot on. My favorite part of this episode was Allison saying "Bianca, what the fuck?" and laughing about the pickles.


I love how you included a picture of Beyonce in a bath-tub.

Freaking brilliant.


Smymen. Wow.

Also, I totally share your enthusiasm at The Return of Rosenthal! But even he can't save this cycle.


LOL Rich,
"she looked like Ke$ha before Ke$ha was Ke$ha. And also because of Shannon's hymen. Shannon has always modeled from within. She models from H to H. She smymens"

you had me laughing non stop


Oh my god, are the Italics driving anybody else insane?

I'm just here to try and close the tag. And to agree that "smymen" is a necessary new addition to the oeuvre of ANTM. That Shannon always struck me as dumber than beans, but damn, she's acting downright encephalitic right now.

Leah C.

I'm inclined to believe that Kathy Griffin had to literally sign a pact with Satan to be on this show. She had to agree that she would be funny, but not too funny and only make fun of Tyra in the most superficial way possible. Did you catch the side-eye Tyra whipped out when she sat down? Kathy had her uptight drunk face on. She's much more fun when she's allowed to make a fool of herself.


Smymens. You slay me.

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