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November 19, 2011



It's so sad that this show is not as enjoyable as it used to be. At least your recaps are allways from good to great.


I honestly haven't watched in years, but I will always read Rich's recaps!


Did you seriously just make a Hunger Games reference? You are wonderful. That said, let's make ANTM: Hunger Games edition, I will watch that.

Capitol Citizen


Melywt Repyp is Never Heard Of Her spelled backward.


This. Was. Awesome.


Ugh I really wanted Angelea to be eliminated this episode. I have had enough!

Mrs. O

I thought of you the other day, Rich! I was at work, which I unfortunately cannot disclose precisely....I am a manager for a printing company that has many locations. ;)
I was at another center having a meeting with my district manager and several other fellow center managers. The irony was, we were there to basically place judegment on the manager of that particular location's staff members individually.
While I am immersed in trying to act engaged and managerial, I hear two staff members talking softly to each other about who just walked in and sat down at a computer station....
They walked up and asked her, "I'm sorry to bother you but..are you TOCCARA?!?" And sure as hell, it was Miss Toccara Jones. She replied something to the effect of, "Oh, yesssss, girl! I am Toccara!!"
She two girls were squealing to each other with glee. I was all O_O and "what is she doing in South Florida...people only come here to die." (Needless to say, I loathe Florida)
I wanted to go say hello, but I couldn't break away from the boss. Damnit. However, I did tell her to have a nice day as she sashayed her VERY skinny ass out the door.
She was also apparently very nice to all the staff.


This episode was full of injustices. From Dom's elimination to the fact that they took the girls to a gorgeous location with a jaw-droppingly beautiful view, dressed them in bright, vivid colors topped with immaculately done, eye-popping makeup ONLY TO PRINT THE PHOTOS IN SEPIA TONE. Whose 'artistic' choice was that!? I don't want to say it's Tyra's fault, but isn't it always. Nothing is allowed to outshine her, including Mother Nature. If Mother Nature wants to appear in Top Model photos, bitch better learn to smize and booty tooch!!

Anyhow, rage aside, thanks for this, Rich.


The yorkie made me spit up my drink, amazing!


thanks :)

your recaps are funnier than the show.

this show is dying a slow, painful and excrucitiating death.

tyra doesnt even try anymore... a go-see with other contestants? WTF lol

the show had potential to find good models in the USA, i mean ive seeing lots of american girls who are really great models. the most "modelesque" season, was 10, with anya, fatima, and katezryna (i dunno how to spell her name) those three girls are working today, whereas the winner, whitney is probably moonlighting as a anna nicole smith impersonator for children's birthday parties.
no bloody wonder Andre is leaving this show, when he first joined, i thought WOW, fashion cred, but he admitted he had never watched it before lol so i guess he got tricked by tyra.
Anyway, Vogue Italia would probably drop the show as well, when they discover the have to put one of these All stars on their magazine. Just imagine Lisa on vogue italia.
this show along with britain & ireland's next top model are actually bad for the USA/UK because it gives people the impression the girls are haggard looking, ordinary at best. Whereas you watch russia's next top model or australia or new zealand and you see some real potential.


OMG i forgot to thank you for the miss jay photoshop pics lol they were funny


Do you think Gramma Wanda Sue sits in a crib all day obsessing about eggs?

Oh mercy, yes.

I am also laughing at the idea of someone hiring an Anna Nicole Smith impersonator for a child's birthday party. Loopygorilla, you are my favorite.


@everlasting_concubine :))))

hugs lol


May i add that our girl Angelea is THE ONLY person to ever be on this show 3 times! or 3 cycles!

She was eliminated as semi-finalist in cycle 12 when she had a fight with Sandra, which is also the season where Alison was the runner up to teyona!

Then she came back in cycle 14 and now All stars!

OMG I'm becoming a ANTM historian... saveee me!


I used to like the show very much and never missed it but i feel now it has lost its charm.


I assume they just couldn't manage to get anyone to agree to go-sees this cycle. It's too bad because that used to be a pretty interesting aspect of the show ... like, I know the designers were probably paid off and carefully selected, but it was fun to see the models in some tiny way have to be exposed to reality(ish) instead of TyraWorld. This didn't seem even remotely helpful.


LOVE your photoshop and your commentaries!!!

Jason LeRoy

Laura's pseudo-uplifting freakout reminded me less of Tyra and more of Ellie Kemper drunkenly scolding Wendi McLendon-Covey on the plane in Bridesmaids. "You are more beautiful then Cinderella! You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!"


@ Sara, there are probably no go-sees because there is no modeling contract this cycle. I do agree, though. I totally want to see them get lost in Crete and have Laura say about the signage, "It's all Greek to me." There is still time for hilarity to ensue!

Rich, you are excellent and righteous. Keep up the side splittingly funny commentary. And have a happy Thanksgiving.

Jodie Whalo

The photo shoot provided some amusement, but they should've taken it a bit further. I want to see Angelea smizing and booty-tooching while 10 feet in the air on a pole vault!


The Middle East and now Greece, notice how revolutions are happening wherever Ty goes?


Thank you for the laugh out loud witticisms. :)
I was rooting for Dom. For reals. But maybe she can have a career still.

it's all relative

Please remove the fake blood video from you tube.


From the fighting to the fartin', this was one of the better episodes this season. I loved your hunger games reference--I love Laura, but I still want Allison to win. Least potential to win, my ass.

Blue Screen

Thanks for sharing!

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