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November 06, 2011



Alison FTW!


But Creepy-chan has already gone viral on the Internet....


Should I not be surprised that there was nary a mention of "Shake Ya Body (Body)" during the episode?


So what you mean to say is Allison. Got it. Allison.


Was it me or did Laura's feet look super dirty in that music video? It was distracting. Did she walk on a dirt floor to get to set?

Anne Noise

Game is super sexy. More Game for me, then.

Team Allison, as usual. She seems more and more likely to take the crown. (In that 96% chance is more than 95% chance.)


Thanks for helping me re-see the humor, because this episode made me so mad my tummy actually hurt watching it. It was everything wrong about the music industry today rolled into one, with 'pot ledom' as the special sauce.


The elephant in the room was Allison actually has gone viral on the internet AGES ago. I love that Tyra totally looked over that fine detail.

You could tell that Allison was miserable about having to add this POT LEDOM bullshit to her song. The circus has come to town!


What I'm surprised by is the total lack of acknowledgement for how brilliant Dominique's lyrics were, in the fashion of playing the reality TV game. The girl wrote a passably good Cover Girl commercial and we never saw it even being noted. Weird.

jess sanser

i actually thought alexandria's singing voice was pretty amazing. i mean her video sucked and it was high time she went home, but still. and while im usually a fan of laura, her total lack of imagination irked me!

jest sanser

but how you summarized laura's music video was brill and hilarious! thanks rich


I cannot even express how fucking ridiculous 'pot ledom' was. And Tyra dancing like an idiot in the videos. Alexandria saying 'I could be a recording star' was the beginning of the end, I just KNEW she was going home.
And I swear I've been singing 'go, go, go' in my head over the weekend, so annoying that it went viral in my skull...


Rich, your recaps are always the highlight of my ANTM week.


Yeah, I was totally annoyed by 'pot ledom' too. Because it was ridiculous. And stupid. And wouldn't wound good in any context, ever. But especially because of what you said about how Allison wrote this song about her dead dad and then was forced to have Tyra dressed like a reject dancing around saying 'pot ledom' in it.

I was surprised none of them sucked more, but I guess it partially comes down to what you said about autotune - Laura's song should NOT have sounded that good in the final cut.


That was supposed to say 'wouldn't SOUND good'. It did wound good. It wounded my ears.


Laura reminded me of Stacey Q. in her video! OMG, Lisa Frank! You are a doll for bringing that back! I used to love me some unicorns with rainbow manes. I too adored how much Game liked Allison! I thought it was so cute. These songs/videos would have been so much better sans the Pot Ledom requirement. That just made their efforts seem stupid as sin, espesh Allison's. Alexandria lost her bitchitude this season and had some weird Om/Zen thing going on that was far more annoying than her usual schtick. How many times was she spotted in the diary room with her eyes closed while she talked...? What the hell was that? Anywho, very much enjoyed your wrap-up! Give Winston a pat for me!

Leah C

I think Dominique's song and video were probably the closest to something you might actually believe was created by a pop star, but I loved Allison's best. And WTF was up with all the praise they kept pouring over Lisa? Her song was HORRIBLE and the video too! Okay, not as horrible as Alexandria's voice. She sounded exactly like every truly tone deaf person I've heard at karaoke, they get this nasally quality when they think they sound really great. Just no. Oh, and poor poor Angelea. Her song was pretty good, but why oh why did they put her in that ugly get up? Dominique gets a gorgeous glittery minidress and Angelea gets the leftover bin from Goodwill. I'm hoping it was all planned so that she has a strong come back next week. I'm still predicting either Allison, Laura, or Angelea for top dog. Or rather, pot god.

Vanessa M

So they're all going to make videos and-quelle surprise, Tyra will be in them all you guys! And, the crying Christian escapes the bottom two again (ah Bianca. Gone but not forgotten.)

I don't know what's more depressing: that Rebecca Black is being held up as an aspirational figure or Angelea has been in the bottom three times in a row now.

Bonus points for the Peaches shout out as well as the tragic accuracy of your assessment.


That Madison kid does a mean Edith Massey impersonation!


My 8 & 9 year old daughters LOVE Lisa Frank. I kinda feel sick paying 5.00+ bucks for a coloring book.

Happy soonish birthday Rich!!

Alison for the win!


This episode was all old-school ANTM absurdity. The whole "Pot Ledom" concept was classic Tyra WTF, assuming that an idea must be good because she had it. Clearly André Leon Talley was having none of it. When he came on, it was when they were trying to be more legitimately high-fashion, and now now looks like a third grader watching the clock and counting the minutes on the last day of school.


It's bad enough that Tyra had to make the videos all about her as usual (although with no mention of her previous foray into music, funnily enough), but the fact that she was capering about like a stupid clown in Allison's song about her dead dad really pissed me off. Allison hasn't exactly come across as the kind of girl to be defined on the show by tough life experiences (unlike say, Angelea, Dominique and even Lisa and Alexandria to some extent), so for her to open up about that was a pretty big deal. So of course Tyra has to poop all over it.


Lol Rich
"She is acting how I imagine Stevie Nicks would have acted when her assistant (or whomever) blew cocaine up her asshole, if that cocaine were replaced by Pixy Stix."

that had me cackling like a witch.

and i loves angelea! that meow thing she does, LOVE HER! Angelea!!!

oh and this show is ridic lol but i dont care


Pot ledom is not top model backwards. It is "model top" backwards. This bothered me almost as much as the fact that Tyra couldn't leave the videos alone and had to make them as stupid as possible.


Surprisingly I liked Alexandria's song, and my distaste for her was just starting to wane but she got sent home. Lisa....Lisa Lisa Lisa. She regards herself as an artist and she has rhythm & rhyme, but her rapping is still soo bad. Fangirl Angelea was too precious, as was tone-deaf Laura & "wierd"ly infatuated Game. Tyra just needs to get her shit back together.

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