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At first I thought he is Hannah's brother. Lol.

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"(especially if you are old and were previously used to Montana only being a state, a steamboat and a Slim)"

actually, Montana's always just been a tragic redhead from the RW Boston in my eyes...

Myra Flection

"spread jank it's the Philly way " Huh ? Don't know what you mean chief. I go to that parade every year and love it. The stuff they show on the teevee is that weird lip sync/canned dance routine, unwatchable crap that's not even in the main body of the parade. I was watching at home this year due to a cold and for the record when I flicked over to the Macy's Day parade they had equally unwatchable, bad lip sync, dance routine crap as well. Only difference was that they had Broadway-level crap.

Myra Flection


Love your blog !

Scott Fine

Zach Montana is clearly where it's at. Some of the off-brand Biebers have been creating decent pop songs lately, it's weird--I feel "Unfriend You" by Jason Chance and "On My Mind" by Cody Simpson too. With much guilt and only through the internet will I admit it, though.

Also, as a long-time fan of your blog, I thought I should bring this up in case you hadn't noticed yet that your pop divas video is on Perez. Is that right!?


Dancing aside, can we talk about how he's wearing a jean jacket with the sleeves cut off? Adorbes!

kim Shmoke

Zack Montana has major swagg and I think he is gonna be a superstar ! Passion and drive like ive never seen

Silvia S.

Omg I met him today!

Silvia S.


kim Shmoke

zack rocks that kid is going places major swagggggggg

Blue Screen

Thanks for sharing!

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