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You have sucked me back in to watching T&T! I gave it up after the last season was over but after I finished reading this piece I went back and watched the last episode of the last season - Storybook Pageant- and I was reminded why I love watching this show. The crazy moms - "That was your beauty Carly!" - and the adorable kids.


Rich I saw the promo for next week and you are smack dab in the middle of it with a snarky comment..........can't wait to see it! I have watched this show from the very beginning, always in abject horror, but it's a train wreck I cannot look away from. Having followed your blog for years too, I admit I squealed a tad when you showed up on the look so handsome! Yay for delusional toxic parents and their bratty spawn!


Holy mother of god. I watch T&T more than I should, and your episode was the most disturbing one I've ever ever seen (not because of you, natch, you are an angel and a voice of reason at the bitchy table in the lunch room).

I really, really can't wait for some follow-up comments. I know there are edits and we don't get to see the whole picture (neither did you, I guess), but, my god... those Russians. And the fake nails. Jesus wept.

Also, can't believe they didn't let you perform your own theme song. Maybe you could post one, anyway.


After watching the episode, it's clear in your write-up that you didn't get to see the Russian nuclear meltdown. I have a feeling that had the cameras not been on them, the husband would have gone all KGB on her ass......hopefully he did so when they got home. I felt so sorry for little Mia, she seemed like a delightful little girl, so sad she has a hateful wack-job for a mother. I wanted to banish her to Siberia. Forever. And what was with her face? Had she been snorting coke, or did she have a facial tic?

Carolyne Kiser

It is obvious that you are a moron who should not have been judging little girl BP. As a 30 yr. veteran of the industry, you were not qualified, bad judgement, no sense of what the sport really is and you are a clear case of someone that should never judge little girls.


Wow insane!

My daughter (who is 4) calls Toddlers and Tiaras "the princess show" because of all the glitz and dresses.

As for me, I say no to caking makeup and provocative dances for kids. The show is still entertaining to watch though...I like to keep count on how many times a parent screams, "Get it, girl!"


I was one of your fellow judges (the pregnant one at the other table) I feel in love with you long before we were interviewed, and I may adore you even more now. No, you are not the only one that felt the way you did. If I could write as eloquently as you, I would have written almost every word you did. What a pleasure it was to meet you and what a pleasure it was to read your take on it!

Blue Screen

Thanks for sharing!


It is amazing, i ever to become a judge but not a beauty pageant just a normal sing along contest only. To be a judge is not easy because too many comment to you in the decision that you made.


I really admire all those people become a judge because despite of many commentary to them, their decision is their decision and final.


In the event that any of these children are selauxly abused i hope that the people who transmit this show are held equally responsible. To feed a child special juice to get them to perform is abuse. Usually they get given the gift after they have performed a sex act to keep them quiet. But the television stations that show this are actively participating in the drugging of children to make them perform. The showing of the show makes them potential victims for people with alternative motives


Oh my... you totally got me too! I was like... WHAT?? This is so not Rachel... I even thguhot for a moment: poor little girls of yourd... and again I was like... WHAT?????? ARE YOU KIDDIN ME?????? And than I found out that yes, you did :) I'm so glad you were not serious... :) Never ever do something like this again... I was about to die! :) (That mom on the first video... wow... I couldn't bear the part when the little girl was crying, and her idiot mom just kept sprayin her... :( )


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