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November 23, 2011



Wow - the one with the zipper! I assume it was once filled with puffball/Mogwai eggs (?), so you could re-enact the scene where Gizmo spawns all the others...which, as you know = FUN.


I scrolled through 3 times because I was sure Rich would throw in a photo of Winston.


wow wow wow wow


The "Hills have Mogwai" line just "outed" me at work for slacking off. I'm pretty much crying from laughing so hard. Thank you.


I wouldn't know most of those were supposed to be Mogwai if you hadn't pointed it out.

ingo pixel

I had one of these as a kid! The second one down, but mine had both ears. It scared me so much that I went to obsessive lengths each night to make sure that it was well hidden under a large pile of stuffed animals. If I could see even a little of that scary tan fur I'd have to rearrange them all again. Terrifying beast.


I had a plush one as a kid too, a normal one tho =) I had a Stripe (he was the bad one right?) doll that I kept wrapped in the bag at the bottom of my toy box because I was afraid of him attacking me (and my Barbies).


I had no idea Mogwai was in A Chorus Line

Jay Gillespie

I thought this might be something you would be interested in.


Lego music!

Jessie Wells

this is just awesome.

grow eyelashes

These are cute ones. I love it.


I actually own one of the ones (nine from the bottom). It's gigantic. If this Gizmo existed in the movies, the Gremlins wouldn't have been able to do shit because he'd be bigger than all of them combined. Of course, if he failed, the world would have ended in the sequel because his fat-ass wouldn't fit in the ventilation system to go all Rambo on the ringleader.


I had one with a zipper as a kid, and yes, it was full of Gizmo spawn. It seemed really innocent at the time that I was fascinated by Gizmo's insides but I bet it would make really great backstory fodder in a true crime documentary.


These are hilarious, except for the 8th one down - that poor thing just looks depressed. Cheer up little buddy! You don't look nearly as, let's go with special, as some of the others!


I love the frowning one, heh. My (bad) mother took me (godless, nine) and my UBER Christian bff to see Gremlins. Poor girl was not allowed to see anything above a G rating before this. She had nightmares for weeks.

Kate R

I saw this post and had to go get my Gizmo from the bookshelf. Then I made my own special kitty cuddle Gizmo so I could take a picture.

She's going to murder me later.

unhappy cat plus gizmo...

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