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November 30, 2011



I don't understand why people think if they say "Well, people can do whatever they want, I support people making their own choices/having their own sexual preference/whatever" then it's okay for them to be a bigot right after that. It's like saying "no offense" before you talk. Well, if you were not going to say something blatantly offensive, you would not have to give that caveat, would you?


This is a thoughtful and well-reasoned response to statements with only the thinnest facade of logic. It's hypocritical to use the first amendment to shield anti-gay rhetoric, but to criticize others for utilizing the same freedom of speech. And it's super bullshit to tell someone they aren't entitled to their feelings, sensitive or otherwise!


Ugh. so well said. I feel like I have to join twitter just to retweet what you said... whatever that means...


And it also shows how homophobia is still acceptable in our society. I'm sure TI was the first one to defend Michael Richards' free speech.

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

What a moron. He's probably a closet homo now because of what he learned during his prison time. I'm allowed to say "homo" because I'm a politically incorrect gay guy myself.Doesn't he understand that Tracy Morgan is deliberately throwing out these opinions because he knows they are stupid, and therefore funny? Instead, T.I. considers them to be serious commentary. I guess it's dangerous to combine stupid people (T.I.), with good, intelligent comedy(Tracy Morgan).

Myra Flection

Beautifully stated...start to finish.


Excellent piece. Thanks Rich.


Fantastic! Well said. Thank you Rich, for being you.


People use the "free speech" straw man when they know they're just being assholes and don't want to be called out on it. They think "free speech" means they should be free from the consequences of their speech, which is, dare I say "Un-American."

But the only actor who can't limit an individual's speech is the government. As Patton Oswalt pointed out, the rest of us are free to laugh, deride and even "shut down" the people we think are stupid, ignorant and just plain wrong. If enough actors in the open market agree that someone's speech is stupid, we're all free to boo them down.

If anything, shutting down ignorance with our own free speech is the most American thing the rest of us can do when confronted with the kind of ignorance TI and Tracy Morgan espouse.


Nice... this reminds me of my favorite Onion article, Study: 38% of People Not Actually Entitled to Their Opinion


“They’re like,‘If you have an opinion against us, we’re gonna shut you down.’ ... That’s not American."

... wow. That's the most nonsensical thing I have heard today. If you have an opinion against fighting bigotry, you SHOULD be shut down. If you are FOR blocking human beings from having their rights you should be shut down. That's what is truly American.


Rich, I would be honored to begin a slow clap for this post.


'I'm not homophobic, therefore I'm allowed to make whatever bigoted comment comes out of my mouth next. And if you get offended, you're un-American!' Riggghhhht...makes sense T.I.

This was really brilliantly written and you shouldn't feel bad for having to write it. It needed to be said.


I love you Rich!


Very well said.

Both Tracey Morgan's bizarre rant and T.I.'s defense of hate speech make me wonder if they're in the closet. I've seen too many people who are the loudest homophobics gets caught with the male escort later.


He said he wants to be able to speak against gay people in peace. But, um, it is no longer "in peace" if you ... publicly declare it.


T.I. is an asshole.


T.I. is a stupid asshole. I love your piece, the only words I would've liked to have seen included are "straight privilege" because his is showing and dripping all over everything and fucking up the conversation. His entire comment is like a section of Derailing for Dummies. I understand that he wasn't TRYING to be homophobic but, like Brandy said, almost doesn't count.


i will be sharing this with my school's admin team, g.s.a., and classes in the new year. such a valuable teaching tool. thank you, friend.


Bitchslappin is fun, isn't it? Lolz. Check out this video from Canadian comedian Josh Rimer which I found on YouTube! http://youtu.be/yDCk3NN_HAs


T.I.'s only good song comes from a Crystal Waters riff. That practically makes him gay in my book!

Blue Screen

Thanks for sharing!

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