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November 13, 2011



OMG, Oregon Trail!!!! the memories are flooding back....


First off, that Michael Cinco guy looks like if Michael Jackson and Chris Kattan had a baby.

Secondly, they criticized Laura for being 'too sexy' this week, saying she wasn't being 'true to her brand'. You know that next week she'll be lambasted for being dull or too sweet.

I think of you, Rich, with every episode I watch.


Lisa understands this game better than anyone. Laura is a puppy, just happy to be around. Allison is reveling in the absurdity of the whole exercise and probably developing a performance piece based on it. Dominique and Angelea are the only two still left who really believe that this is going to launch their careers and keep going at it with the earnestness they showed in their original seasons. It's really quite sad how desperate those two are, just like it's sad how Lisa is willing to embarrass herself over and over again.

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

I was actually worried Shannon was going to win lol


the international destination reveal was like dulll.... no dancing, or tyra's shenanigans, which tells me she does not give a shit anymore.
and either allison is taking the piss out of the whole thing and parodying herself, but this whole "im weird, im a vampire, honey blood, human organs" schik is getting old. its like one of those "alternative" people who dress "alternatively" and they dont realise that there are just as many "alternative" people just like them, so they arent that unique afterall.
anyway this whole photoshoot was like a WTF lol and not WTF in a good way, also would posing in a bowl of salad get all this um oil and feta cheese stuff in ure private bits?
Anywho, shannon's so long girl, you will pose in a skimpy bikini that is literally showing ure lady bits but you wont pose in underwear. whatever bitch.
And poor angelea, they called her fat lol
No wonder Andre is leaving the show, 1. its not exciting 2. its not fashion.
seriously rich, i understand why you quit recapping this show, but im glad you came back to do this cycle, because i dont watch the show, i just read your recaps.


It's totally Buggs Bunny in the big pot of stew:


I Heart 4-4!


I'm so glad you GIF'd that bit of Allison reawakening from commercial break, I saw her doze off when there was a cut away and I was so glad the rebooted her before it started up again. Lest we see her in sleep mode.


Thank you for another great recap, Rich!


What a waste of good food in that *cough* photo shoot! This show used to fun. Of the ones left, I like Allison and Laura and wish them the best. The rest, meh.


this is actually laura's first time overseas, on the show if not ever...
because the first time she was on the show, in her shorty cycle, tyra was a tight ass ho and flew the girls to the world's fashion capital of ...... Hawaii!!!! as their "international" destination, remember??
I guess Greece isn't a fashion hot spot like Paris or Milan or London, but at least its a freebie overseas trip.
but the photo shoot was just plain stupid. and cheap. that is some cheap looking underwear they wore, it wasnt even lingerie or couture lingerie.
and the challenge was dumb lol but i do want them to speak more greek :) remember when dominique was in italy and did her covergirl ad?!!!! BRAZILIA!!!
i guess the next challenge will be, pose your ass off to save greece from a global economic meltdown. the winner of the challenge gets to become prime minister of greece.


I'm glad Laura got to meet the mayor of Greece.


Hey Rich, Erin Wagner from the short season did an IAMA on reddit, pretty interesting.
If you didn't already catch it: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/m6mby/iama_former_contestant_on_americas_next_top_model/?sort=new
Thanks again for all the laughs!


Yeah, I liked how Jay said Angelea had "no core strength" while the camera cut to her skin wrinkling there. Jesus! The woman is half-twisted around, of course her midsection is going to crease, even though she only weighs 115 pounds or whatever. Lord.

I also did not get their critique of Laura's picture. I didn't think her expression was "too sexy," I thought it was more "God, this is painful." Not her most flattering pic. But then they claimed that she is too sexy in her photos all the time. wtf? They praised her photo-sexiness on her cycle because it was such a contrast to her sweetness in person.

Still, I want my KY girl Laura to win. Or weird Allison. I could be happy with either. But I think you're right, Lisa's got this game figured out, and she may just take it.

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Well I love this show even though it has been a complete and utter failure in its mission lol. I still find it entertaining and I am glad Rich is recapping it. I just hope there will be more all-star cycles, or maybe a winners cycle, where all the previous winners would compete against each other, Adrianne Curry against Jaslene and Eva etc., how trippy would that be


I fully expected your recap last week to just be a screen cap of ALT shaking his head in horror and/or disgust. I mean, talk about squandered potential - this season SHOULD have been amazing: Sheena! Bre! Bianca! (say the last one like Twiggy, please) - and I think it's just been in the last couple shows that it *really* soured. While I don't suppose anyone's surprised it turned out this way, I'm sad that Tyra's doing everything she can to destroy your will to recap. Oh well.
And PS, loopygorilla up there wins with the "get all this um oil and feta cheese stuff in ure private bits"



Well i do wonder about these things, you know, even a guy i wouldnt jump in a bowl of fresh produce and dairy...because its a bowl of tomato, feta cheese and olive oil and its bound to get into their lady bits...and whats worst, the other girls have beeing in it too...ewwwwww

and i have abit of experience with olive oil, my silly hairdresser told me to rub it in my hair to soften it and i was like okayy.

it took like 8 washes with shampoo to wash the darn greese out of my hair! so imagine what happens when it all in the private area.


I love how they put Lisa in lingerie that LOOKED LIKE a bikini, put her ON THE BEACH and then told her it was "too beachy" of a photo. WTF?

You didn't mention Angelea's sleepy eyes.

Can't wait to see your recap of last night.


That salad looked really tasty. (Before anyone climbed into it, that is.) The question I had, regarding Lisa, was how the judges distinguish a "beachwear" pose/photo from a lingerie one. What exactly is the difference? ?_?


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