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December 07, 2011


Hotlips Houlihan

love the attytudes of those clad in the ahmurican claysics denim outfits. this gave me PTSD for the '80s in general and watching 'dancin' on air' in the '80s in particular. thanks!


I work for JCPenney and unfortunately we still have lame fashion shows like this. Except they're now in malls and the models are the cashiers.


Everything old is new and then old and then new again.


this is the look rihanna been shooting for, as of late, no?


The Dexy's Midnight Runners overalls & bandana, the permed mullets, the rolled up jean legs, the short denim mini.........ah, I miss the 80's.

Totally in love with this clip Rich, it's Cheesetastic!!!!


The breathless "Elvis couldn't do it better" is the highlight!


This is amazing...the only thing missing is Paula Abdul doing "The Barbie" and you have my childhood.


My mom bought me a very similar jacket on layaway, and then someone broke into my friend's boyfriend's mom's mini-van and stole it while we were at the Monsters of Rock concert and mom was NOT HAPPY lol


Oh, and note, Scüncis®, not "scrunchies"


Wow, we sure HAVE come a long way. Personally, on November 12th, my vote will go to Romeo. It’s time for us to elect our first black jeans President!

Baby Alive

Oh My God, WHAT is that song! It's on the tip of my tongue! I can't even concentrate on the acid wash debacle in front of my face I am so distracted! Help!

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