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December 08, 2011



I be like NO.

Easter Buffy

Rich, you have the only relevant comments on this issue on the internet. I love your carefully reasoned reasons and, like you, ache to know what the what was. She did come across much better this time around (to me), although I always felt Allison was the more deserving competitor. Sigh. Those shy girls. Smart, too. I hope she does well.

During your interview at knifepoint, can you get her to reveal what her salary was for this debacle? Sheena intimated that the gig was paid this time around (here! She revealed it to you!). I'm just hoping Allison got enough coin to make it worth her while.

Love your writing. Will check in again for other non ANTM topics. Feliz Navidad.

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Happy Lisa won, I would have been happy if any of the top 4 won, actually.
Thanks Rich, for doing some investigative analysis of this. The whole Facebook story is so obviously a coverup of whatever really happened. I can't believe we can't even get the truth these days from ANTM. What is happening to society?


Lord, Rich, I don't even know WHAT to think about this "finale"...

Besides that She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is full of a steaming load? And that BOTH Angelea and Allison were robbed, of course. I mean, did you see Allison's dress? It was the best of the three and I think I saw heaven! And Angelea just had this shit in the bag plain and simple. I am really wishing Angelea is well, my heart and curiosity goes out to her. I hope that you can get her on your couch eventually (that would be absolutely amazing) to get the T on her "disqualification".

Anyway, thanks for making the last cycle of ANTM I'll ever watch bearable. I only stuck around for Allison and you made me fall in love with Angelea again because bitch, she worked in a bank. Hope to see Allison related videos soon!

Scott Free

Love you, love your cats, love Allison & Angelea.
Thanks for recapping this shitshow once again!


Lisa won? Ugh. Glad I skipped this non-season.

Scott Free

maybe it's because I'm high but goddamn this post is spot-on and amazing!


The twitter post you referenced in regards to Angelea calling herself "a winner" came from an Angelea facebook fanpage- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Angelea-Preston/192030140811927
I can't wait to see what you uncover, love you detective rich!


I am done with this show too. I should have been done long ago. Your recaps kept me sane throughout the madness.


I'm hearing the DQ was for this tweet by Angelea: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/64933762.html?thread=11144984962#t11144984962

The Facebook thing is from a fb fan page and is not the real Angelea (this is what I heard anyways). I wouldn't be surprised if Anglea is actually being punished for something that was Trya's web team's fault. Months ago, the contestants elimination segments were added to Tyras's website in the order the contestants were actually eliminated on the show. Angelea's was added last which indicated that she had won. Since people had been spoiled for the winner for so long, I wonder if a decision was made to change the winner and create a bit of buzz for the show.

Personally, I don't really care for Angelea, but I wouldn't be surprised if she's being unfairly maligned for the sake of buzz and ratings.


If there's anything "ANTM gave people (...) to care about temporarily", that's your priceless recaps.

Please do consider recapping next cycle. Its whole concept is such jank, I can't wait for you to bring more laughter and jokes to this cheap fest.

By the way, I hope you'll address how incoherent crowning Lisa as ANTM was. I'm sure you'll milk that occasion to underline how big a fool Tyra's made of herself on this better than I will.


To play devil's advocate, the whole shaming of Angelea on camera for leaking the winner would necessitate Angelea willingly coming back and participating, correct? So perhaps Tyra, like a consummate bully, didn't want to shame Angelea if she couldn't do it to her face and get a reaction, so they played the whole thing off.

Eh, whatever. Get Allison over! More Allison!

Diane Lawyer-Trabajo

I am done with this show, too. I loved Angelea, and on that night, she was the best at everything! For a show that loves to drag everything out for maximum effect, I am baffled as to why Tyra did not disqualify Angelea in person, on camera, in front of the panel, Lisa and Allison. I would have loved to have seen the well-deserved ass-whooping 716 would have given Tyra. For this reason, I feel like Tyra will never speak of Angelea again. She is scared of her.


and to think, there was a time when both Lisa and Angelea were the bottom two...if not for Latoya...


Perhaps it was just an obiter dictum on Tyra's part, but I thought it interesting that she said that "the producers [of ANTM] and the network" were involved in disqualifying Angelea. What would incite the CW to become involved in this fiasco? Quite the mystery!
I greatly appreciate your well-reasoned comments on this situation, Rich, and I look forward to your tete-a-tete with Allison.


Clearly Angelea slept with all the men on the show turning them all straight and ratings plummeted as a result. Tyra sez: Off wid dat bitch!


Here's my crazy conspiracy theory:

What if it's all a crazy publicity stunt? As in, no one has given two fucks about who wins ANTM for ages, but this morning people are actually writing about it because of the mysterious DQ. What if they paid Angelea off, got her a contract somewhere, and let her go forth as a badass with a mystery?

OK, it's far-fetched, but I like it more than some bullshit about facebook, because I hate to think facebook posts outweigh 'bitch, I worked at a BANK.'


I can't wait for your interview with Allison!! Get the scoop, Rich!!!


for all of the people who watched every episode...and was hoping to see a complete finale......they're owed a full explanation.

the situation was handled HORRIBLY by CW.....and that 3 second explanation from Simon was GARBAGE...i watched last night, but haven't watched in a very long time...the situation with angelea reminded me why i stopped watching ANTM some time ago.

ALT is gone, and the writing is on the wall....janice dickerson was sooooo right...the show is rigged, and cover girl...is driving the show and picking the winner.

time for this "franchise" to bow out...if not "gracefully"!!!!


Poor Allison. She's been eliminated 3 times (twice on final panel). That's got to be a record.

Bored dude at work

^ Nope. Angelea has also been booted three times. I'll leave it to the others to fine tune this, but I know Angelea was brought back one or two seasons later after her first elimination.

Vanessa M

Rich, we'd all love to see another interview with you and Allison but you and Angelea are a couple that are fated to be together, at least for 20 minutes or so. Can this be made to happen?

What pisses me off the most is this is the most press the show has had in years.

The fact that Lisa won (and I say this as someone who thought she was robbed in her cycle) means this show has finally crossed the event horizon of irrelevance that I thought they had crossed years ago. Quantum mechanics is so elusive like that.


Not only would a stripper past be a non-issue just because, but they've had at least one stripper on the show in the past. I can't remember who, but I distinctly remember a conversation about it. I think from the Whitney and Dominique cycle?


Rewatching this morning, I agree with your assessment that Lisa and Allison both knew who would be the "winner" going into final panel. Allison seemed utterly relaxed, just going through the obligated motions for a paying gig--because surely she was paid to come re-shoot the final judging. She looked more checked-out than we've ever seen her (and in her position, most of us would take advantage of craft-table mimosas). Lisa, on the other hand, looks anxious for the filming to hurry up, move along, because she has a busy-ass day of sudden new Top Model obligations, knows that she's going to sit through some serious contingency-plan meetings, and she wants to get moving.

I wonder how much the question of "Can you still do the prize-jobs, given your schedule?" factored into Lisa's win. I think Lisa was a perfect winner, and would have been my first choice anyway, but stuff like the E! correspondent gig would be a much bigger hassle for Allison. I would wager that they both essentially re-interviewed for the job of being the cycle winner, and in those terms, Lisa is absolutely the better fit.


I don't think that Sara's theory of a crazy publicity stunt is too far-fetched, myself. How many people were searching for the answer to this since last night? Did ANTM get on any trending lists?

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