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I am sorry but I have been an avid antm fan from the beginning and this season reeked with Tyra and Nigel's hypocrisy. I absolutely hated this season, that has never happened to me before. Sure I've disagreed with winners (much like this cycle), but they did so many hypocritical things. Let's talk about age; they have always pressed the age issue on the show and for the modeling world Lisa is ancient. Also they swear elimination isn't based on doing one bad shoot after subsequent good shoots doesn't necessarily equal elimination, hello Laura? She rocked all season long, and faltered once and boom she was gone and Angelie was rocky all season long and she stayed? Personally I think Tyra has favored Angelie from the beginning and manipulated things to make her get to the top, I bet she did win in the end after Tyra pretended to not like photos or over exaggerated positive comments toward Angelies pics. So many times she praised Angelie and Lisa for that matter that she would have criticized girls in past cycles. Especially the way Angelie would have melt downs and cuss like crazy during challenges and in front of influential people, I am sorry but what high class fashion types will want to work with someone who carries themselves that way and someone who over- reacts to any criticism. I agree I thought the winner should have been Laura or Allison. They both had the whole package. And one last point she eliminated Laura this cycle saying she wasn't high fashion, well during her original cycle, she thought Laura could be both high fashion and commercial. And Tyra had admitted Laura had improved since her cycle. So again manipulating her words to make things go her way. I have always loved Tyra and believed in her until this season, now it is so apparent she fixes the competition based on who she likes best. So disappointed!!


I am so sad that Angelina does not the qualify the award.
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In case anyone is still interested in this drama, apparently Angelea is set to give a press conference today where she will explain what happened.


I have a friend who worked on ANTM in the past as a production assistant and she says Tyra would not have had any say in Angelea's dq if Angelea did indeed violate the terms of her contract. The network supersedes Tyra (hard to believe I know) and if Tyra would have addressed the DQ during the show, then Tyra would also have been in violation of her contract. So there's probably no major conspiracy, just the network covering its butt.

Vanessa M

Damn it, if this is a publicity stunt, I curse myself that it's working. I haven't cared this much about this busted show in years.

In the midst of Googling this nonsense, I followed a link to an US Weekly article where Lisa promised to explain what "really" happened only to find the big revelation is Lisa saying she's the true winner because her back story touched Tyra the most. Also, evidently she's delusional.

Mark Liddell

Speaking of Lisa, I've yet to read an interview where she succeeds in a) sounding pleasant, or b) stringing together a sentence that doesn't consist entirely of mixed metaphors.

"I have been lining up and building my racecars all these years, and being the All Star winner, definitely is the icing on the cake and kind of pushes the envelope a little bit and seals them as well."


@Rachel - it was the other Lisa from Cycle 9, who said she was an exotic dancer!

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

There were these comments on that same Us article, I don't know if it's legit or not:

December 10, 2011 - 1:54am Jeff A. Cohen

MMG - Model Management Group USA & Canada There are false reports that Angelea Preston will hold a news conference to discuss why she was disqualified from the All Star Season of America's Next top Model. Those reports were made to the press came from an unauthorized source. Angelea will discuss this matter at an appropriate time and place. Although Angelea is currently a freelance model and some sought to personally benefit from this situation, MMG will be representing Angelea on this matter and is currently exploring all appropriate avenues and remedies before any new information is released. MMG or Angelea will be the only official sources for information on this matter.
December 10, 2011 - 1:53am Jeff A. Cohen

MMG - Model Management Group USA & Canada Angelea Preston was not disqualified for leaking or posting any information on any social media site. Also, no one should believe at this point any of the speculative reasons that have been posted on any site or by source. Information will be released at the appropriate time and the public can decide at that point how they feel about CW's decision.

Read more:


Rich don't be afraid to make the Allison interview 2 hours long.

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Yes let Winton handle the first hour just to relax her so she will be more receptive to some ANTM grilling by Rich in the second hour.


Thank you Rich for this particular posting. I could not agree with you more. I was thoroughly disappointed with this final episode and in fact, will remain true to my word to not watch this show another season. I am done for real. Such a waste. Angelea was CLEARLY outshining the other two in these last episodes and out of those three should have been and most likely was-- the winner. I hate that I wasted my time, energy and brain matter on this ridiculous series. Not again. I do hope Angelea continues to make a name for herself and that she keeps on shining and succeeding-in fact, winning in life. BTW--I like Andrea's theories--too big to fail. Ha!

Arne C

Maybe she robbed a bank?


To be honest, it all felt a bit rigged for Angelea to win it (blatant post recording of praise for Angelea's blog, ridiculous number of second chances)from the beginning so a twist like this felt so weird. I was an Angelea supporter at the beginning but I'm glad Lisa won in the end, she played the game admirably in my opinion. As for Allison (my favourite contestant ever) I'm glad she's now free to do pretty much whatever she wants without the stigma of winning ANTM.
Cheers for making ANTM and popular culture in general worth following Rich.


Rich, I know it must've been painstaking to recap this sh*t bomb of a season (urg, am so mad at the finale), so thank you for doing so. I hope you will recap whatever dog and pony stuff comes next-God help us if we have another "All Star" cycle (I think this is possible as Tyra crowned Woody Harelson, I mean Lisa, "The first ever America's next top model all star." A first implies there will be more, non?) The horrors!

Jodie Whalo

Allison has been my favorite contestant on this show since Elyse Sewell on Cycle 1 (who also didn't win but went on to become arguably the most successful model to ever have been on ANTM). I am actually glad that she didn't win because now she can do whatever she wants. She has no shortage of fans and any agency would love to work with her. Allison forever!


Well tookie didnt see this coming at all.

Poor Tookie when she was born, she marked by the evil vicious supermodel queen, whose name we shall not say, Lady Naomi Campbell.

Tookie was hidden in normal people land, but soon Ho-warts was calling, so they sent Grand Wizard Nigel Barker went to fetch her.

When she arrived at Ho-warts, Tookie made friends with Mr J and a fierce cat-walker named Miss J and at first they were rivals with another model, Janice Dickinson.

Then one day the big day came for Tookie to go casting for the cover of Vogue USA by the grand wizard queen Anna Wintour, but Tookie failed because she was stopped by her arch-nemesis Naomi Campbell, who cast a spell Crazy-coooky-Silly-dildo-baggings-explode-anus on Tookie.

From that day, Tookie has never being the same again. she had to rely on stunts, crazy bat shit stuff to get through life.


Loopygorilla, that was like an early Christmas present.


investigatoryjournalist, glad you my book hahaha :P

LOL that is basically her book :) from what i have gathered, modelland is combination of Harry Potter + ANTM.

Account Deleted

Sucks that Lisa won! I don't really care about the other prizes other than the Vogue spread which I so believe should have gone to Allison. She so deserves to model I really hate the fact that her look, those EYES get overlooked and don't get into those fashion magazines!

I wanna see more Allison! Looking forward to that interview, Rich! And maybe an interview with Angelea. I would have preferred if she won over Lisa. I too am so intrigued why they disqualified her.


I did not even bother to watch this cycle because when I saw the participants, I knew beforehand the whole thing was going to be a joke.

Anyways, im waiting for another "normal" cycle, because the last one (16th) IMO was one of the best of all cycles.

I think Tyra just needs to bring real models,and leave the drama away just a little bit. She should take a look at how the things work in shows like BNTM --- at least they are more objective and they choose more wisely the winners... and the show is still worth watching.


I agree with Lynette. Moreover, I think if Krista were White we wouldn't be vahing this discussion on did she deserve to win. She was the obvious winner after getting best pic 3 times in a row. Why can't people except that black is beautiful & in this case more talented than the rest she had the personality, the bone structure, the walk & she took awesome pics she almost brought Andre to tears. Ok she's skinny but she's also very tall & she doesn't look like she's starving herself. Raina didn't deserve to win just like the others didn’t deserve to win. I’m happy for her & I’m sure somebody will pick up Raina who did well in the competition but she just wasn’t as fierce as Ms. Krista! GO KRISTA! You have many haters but you can laugh @ them all the way through your very promising career! Bob you are very ugly for saying something so ignorant! Ugly is as Ugly does!


That is it. I am finished with this show, not so much for the whole DQ controversy, but I felt that Tyra crossed the ridiculousness line and ruined the show. Pot Ledom?! What the hell is that?! And what was that garbage modelland crap?! What kind of overkill catwalk was that at the end? Is this the offspring of Wipeout and ANTM?

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