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Joannie was a stripper and she made it to the finals in her cycle. Anyhow, I am done with this show. I wanted Allison to win it, but what was i thinking, there have been very few legit winners on this show (Nicole Fox, Jaselene and maybe Dani and Ann Ward). I think its terrible that Allison was eliminated 3 times, but i also feel she wouldn't have pursued the modelling career past her prizes. One thing this season did for me was make me a huge Angelea fan, as a television personaility, not as a model. I just think the fact that they dragged poor Allison all the way to the end to eliminate her twice has left a bitter taste and as a result I am never coming back to ANTM. If u recap next season i will definitely read, but as for watching, I am done. As a photographer this season was so insulting to my eyes (the first shoot, the hotdog shoot and the reality shoot were particularly terrible). So I would like to thank Tyrant for finally breaking the spell this show had on me....and if you don't recap ever again, i wouldn't blame you. Hopefully this means we get more blogs about movies etc from you Rich.

Mimi J

I am thinking that the reason she was DQ'ed and the reason they are not saying anything is because she slept with someone 'important' on the crew ie. a producer. Admitting this would be horribly embarrassing for the show, for Angelea, for Tyra, and everyone involved. And, since I am not an Angelea fan (I could not stand her sense of entitlement just because she has had a 'hard life'--well so have millions of others who don't complain constantly!), I can honestly see this happening, whether I like her or not. It just makes sense considering how many times she SHOULD have been eliminated and wasn't. I think she carried on a secret relationship with someone on that show who matters. And as a result, that person influenced the judges and kept her going. Which would be clear violation of the rules for other contestants and incredibly unfair to other girls. I think someone confessed, Angelea it seems. So in my little theory, she was confronted and when pressed, she admitted it.


I really like the sleeping with someone important on the show theory. It is the only thing that makes any sense through this whole debacle - or maybe I am just thinking back to one of the early seasons of the Real Worl where something similar happened...

ANYWAY... You definitely have to keep recapping now that you have been called out as "Top Model superfan Rick Juzwiak" by New York magazine! :)

Thanks for yet another cycle!


Sorry if this was already mentioned but did y'all notice that in last night's episode they didn't show any of Angelea's photos from Cycle 17?? They showed a lot of them of Allison and Lisa but none of Anglea's. Does she now own the rights to those photos or something?? When Tyra did her whole, "Who will be America's Next Top Model?" thing and she said, "Will it be Allison?" they showed lots of Allison's photos and part of her video. Same for Lisa. But not Angelea. Odd.


I totally agree that it was something that reflected badly on the production team's background-checking abilities. Also, Tyra stressed that it was information that they learned "from Angelea." If it were something posted on the 'net, they wouldn't have needed Angelea to tell them.

My first thought was that she wasn't an American citizen. But that, also, would probably have been leaked by now.


Whoa, sorry for the italics in the last post.

I also wondered if she slept with someone involved with the show somehow. But WHOOOOO??????


I think it's because of some Tweet and while Tyra would love to have had a "never have a yelled a girl so much in my life" moment, I think that the legal aspects of revealing anything post show override everything. Keep in mind they also tried to drown Angela.

But more gifs. No final recap. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!


that screenshot of her saying "i am winner" is not even the real angelea. it's just a fan who pretends to be her which it says right on the info page. i don't think that could be the reason she was disqualified. i really can't imagine any reason why she would have been disqualified. being a stripper or doing porn really doesn't seem scandalous enough...antm isn't exactly the classiest show on television lol


I hope I never see this bitch on TV again. She be like all ghetto an shit.

I dont lie-ke her


To echo what Reese wrote above, the Angelea page is a fan page according to the info in the About section: "This is not the real Angelea, just a supporter, TQ yall!"

Mark Liddell

As a side note - and adding credence to the "Angelea won" theory - Tyson Beckford (also?) revealed her to be the winner over Twitter. This was only a week ago, though, which means it came far too late for it to have had any impact on the faux-nale (and that no one told him about the last-minute changes).

After first being asked, "Any1 you think it's the most protential or possible to win?" he replied, "the black girl!" and then, after a few unflattering and misdirected comments about Allison's future career, declared, "They hating me for ANTM! Funny cause I know who wins! So I get the last laugh!" and, "I already know the winner and I'm Laughing to the bank!" (Also, to an Angelea fan, "KEEP WATCHING U GONNA LOVE THE END!")

That same day, however, he came over with a case of selective amnesia, stating, "I don't know the winner,just know who is the best choice. #dontbemadIGotmyownopinion" and "never said who won,nor do i personally know or care! just my guess is my own. i left it all in Greece."

In either event, if it was a publicity stunt (and given this show, it's not outwith the realms of possibility), it seems that not everyone was in on it.

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Maybe she refused the prize because she got a better contract, like an actual modelling contract with an actual agency, something ANTM wasn't offering this cycle


@Rachel, Lisa from Cycle 9 was a stripper.

I get that Tyra has made examples out of the girls in the past, but I bet she wouldn't like having to admit she made a mistake when choosing the winner, hence glossing over the disqualification. Just how I'm seeing it right now.


I totally think it's a crazy publicity stunt - the contracts that reality contestants sign normally allow the show to say whatever they want about the contestant and use their image in any way. I think those clauses are usually used in case someone gets upset about being edited to be the villain or whatnot, but they could also be used for something like this. I'm no Angelea fan, but she's not dumb enough to ruin her win by posting spoilers.


All these conspiracy theories are more entertaining than the actual show.


Rachel: Joanie (from Danielle's cycle) was a preacher's daughter turned stripper before the show!

None of it matters, Allison was the clear winner and she got robbed. I don't know why some agency wouldn't beg to have her, I would buy anything she was selling. She's luminous.


While your points and observations are very interesting and well said, I have to disagree with your assessment. ANTM has not always been upfront about issues with the girls and willing to bash them openly--witness how cycle 1 winner Adrianne Curry has been disowned by the franchise and basically erased from memory (never mentioned, no clips or pictures ever shown of her) since she became outspoken about the show. It stands to reason that the show would not want to acknowledge the fact that Angelea had won until she allegedly leaked information, breaking her non disclosure agreement. Considering everything, she is lucky that all they did was take away her prizes. The verbiage of most standard NDAs allow for the first party to sue the pants off of any party who breaks the contract.


@D Exactly what I said, but put far more eloquently.


I was so done with this show last season until they announced the All Stars and I just COULD NOT stay away from the train wreck that I knew this season was going to be. Tyra is insane but she might also be some kind of Manson like genius to create such a stir about a very beaten down horse of a show. I hope your interview with Allison enlightens us all!!


Pretty sure this says it all:


What about if she signed to another agency? Don't they have strict rules to that effect, as Tyra wants to be the one "discovering" talent? ...Not exactly juicy, but would be embarrassing to the ANTM franchise without being interesting enough for a dramatic reveal.


I think this says it all: Or doesn't? Either way, it's funny.


Rich, for you alone I step out of the antm closet. I have seen all seasons and all ur blogs referring this Madonna and Whore of reality shows. You have to get Angelea on your couch and unleash the beast. You HAVE TO, understand? I'd be forever your bitch.
Oh and you're kinda cute which slightly confuses me..


I think it's just a publicity scam. Why would they put all three of them on the final runway ('for the first time in antm's history')?


does some bullshit like this happen to tookie in modelland?

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