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A commentor on said:

"I swear last week I watched the ANTM preview online and there was a clip of Nigel saying, "If she really signed that contract, she was ineligible for the competition." It was definitely a sound bite not shown in the show last night. So ridiculous."

I'm trying to find the preview to verify.


It did seem like they were going to say that Angelea was pregnant. The last part of the runway show before commercial was Lisa saying Angelea was feeling kind of off all day. I thought that was a seque into...she's pregnant. The next segment was so abrupt.

Scott Free

I agree with tigbit, I would also LOVE to see an Angelea interview.
She's not that far away, just over in the 716!


Babysledge, could this be what Nigel was talking about?

The first article listed, from 17 days ago, mentions that Angelea's become the spokesperson for The IT Factor. Don't know what The IT Factor is, but it sounds as though a contract has been signed.


Listen to the wording-they learnt information FROM Angelea, as in she confessed something. Forget about this theory about her leaking info, that would not have got her title revoked, and as impulsive as she is, she is not that stupid. Here's my theory which I think is correct...
At the end of the runway show, she felt unwell and she walked away right and she has been emotional and jittery and withdrawn the whole time they've been in Greece, and even before that, well usually in normal ANTM episodes, someone would follow her and a big deal would be made of her sickness, and her overcoming it etc, they lurve sick contestants, but either no-one did or they CUT THE FOLLOW UP because... I think she confessed something about her "sickness" that SHE'S BEEN DOING DRUGS, and thats why she has had strange outbursts, been emotional and unwell etc, it has been messing with her.
The next day, in Greece, they did crown the winner of ANTM, Angelea, but then word got round to the producers and the network that because of the pressure of the competition, she's been popping a few pills, and they immediately revoked it cos they cannot have that kind of scandal, look at what happens to athletes when drugs is uncovered, and even models, look at the contracts Kate Moss lost when her cocaine pictures were published, its highly likely they knew that Franca Sozzani, Express, Cover Girl and probs Tyra herself cannot condone it or turn a blind eye to it, and no client would ever associate with ANTM again if they knew thats what their models do behind the scenes.
If that argument does not convince you, look at what Allison, and some show insiders have said, that suggests its way bigger than Angelea simply having a big mouth-
Allison-“I think what happened with Angelea is more of a personal thing that went on with her. Out of respect and undying love for her, I think I will remain silent,”
ANTM viewer expert-"I have a feeling," he writes, "that it's something that would have shamed the show far more than Angelea." (what would shame the show more than a drugs scandal?!
ANTM Production insiders-“The show has put tape over my mouth.”
Another said, “It’s not a good thing to be publicized," adding, "I don't want to be responsible for that info getting out."

So no wonder Lisa and Allison were subdued, Lisa was pissed that a. she was 2nd choice, and b. that the focus would be all on Angelea anyway.

P.S. as a side note, when she complained of being unwell and walked away, I immediately thought "Preggers!" and thought maybe Tyra was so disgusted that instead of focusing on the competition, she was getting it on with someone from the production crew, (or maybe Tyson Beckford himself! lol I would mind getting disqualified for that) that she was disqualified then, but remember Shandi and co from cycle 2? They would have loved a little sex scandal, and played it up very well, and if she had an abortion, no one would really know. And if she had prevented Angelea from getting her prizes due to pregnancy, Angelea could have sued for unfair dismissal etc.


It seemed like everybody was on happy pills during the retaping o_o I hope this win means Lisa will ditch her music career...


I read that Angelea was invited to come to the re-taping of the finale, but did not show up. Can't blame her!



Allison's Neighbor

Re: the publicity stunt possibility --

Does anyone else find it fishy that they just HAPPENED to have three girls in the finale this cycle, instead of the usual two? Isn't it a bit too CONVENIENT that they could still have a finale, even with Angelea's disqualification? Something doesn't feel right about it...

Elle Rose

Eh....I think it is very possible that Angelea won and was DQ'ed later for bragging rights, and Tyra did NOT want it addressed.

Follow my reasoning here. For Angelea to win and then have her title taken away would reflect a mistake on the production staff. It would mean they chose the wrong girl. Not only that, but it would mean fans would view Angelea as the "true" winner and Lisa (should have been Allison....) as the "second place lucky bitch". It would look sloppy.

Lets face it, no matter the reason Angelea was DQ'ed, revealing she won outwardly would just make everyone involved look stupid. I am aware this show CONSTANTLY looks stupid, but that oversight would be pretty dumb.

Frankly, I'm happy about the DQ. Know she has a lot of fans, but I wasn't one of them. I was all about Allison or Laura winning, but was happy with Lisa too. Angelea winning over Allison would have KILLED me.

Thanks for the season of awesome-ness. Hope you keep doin your thing, because you are the best!


So the ultimate winner isn't Angela... It may be Rich! You're being quoted in almost every article I've read today.



Whitney G

Rich, I agree completely. When I first watched the finale, my initial thought was that they found out something last-minute that didn't show up in the initial background checks. My money is on a juvenile arrest for prostitution.

That being said, I didn't hate Angelea, but I didn't think she deserved to win...although I believe that she initially did (otherwise, like you said, why re-shoot the finale?). I loved Allison, Lisa, and Laura, and would have been happy for any of them to win.


I also think it's a stunt, and they succeeded.

But, I can't help feeling that Tyra and co. did all of this on purpose, so that we all got to love the poor girls. It's like, self-sabotage and self-ridicule for a far greater cause. Right? I just know it!

Anyway, don't you dare go anywhere without recapping until the very last breath-er I mean last ANTM... er actually I mean, thank you and I love you and your cat.


I don't think it's a stunt - it was so painfully obvious that they had already edited the episode and had to tack on that ending. It was so sloppily done - if it had been a publicity stunt then they would've probably made an effort to make the episode "flow" better.


I don't think it's a stunt, either.

I like the theories that it was either 1. drug use or 2. she was hooking up with someone in production. Or possibly the pregnancy, but how is that a scandal? Unless it happened while she was in the house... Which goes back to her hooking up with someone in production. I guess we'll get some sort of explanation this weekend.

Unless it's because of some twitter post she made calling the outfits her "posse" wore in her video jank. Or was that the fake Angelea that said that?


Angelea Preston's unexpected disqualification during the America's Next Top Model All-Stars finale left fans with their jaws on the floor. Based on her strong performance during the final challenges, some fans even think she would have taken home the crown if it weren't for her mysterious removal from the competition.

However, facts are facts, and in the end, Angelea didn't walk away with the prize. But hey, if she's successful, it doesn't really matter if she won, right? So what has Angelea been doing since ANTM All-Stars ended?

In an interview with Maytee Martinez, Angelea explains that her new passion is music. We got to see her flaunt her musical skills on All-Stars Episode 8, but that isn't her only foray into the industry. "I'm in the studio right now recording," she told Maytee Martinez.

Angelea also has a role in the 2011 film Breathe, and she's planning on co-writing a book about the modeling industry with fashion industry entrepreneur Alycia Kaback.

As for modeling, she has "booked a campaign for a t shirt line." Basically, Angelea is doing just fine, despite the disqualification.

For even more about Angelea, check out her website, Angelea Online.



No matter what the reason for the DQ (and I am thoroughly, truly enjoying every one posted here, often uttering to myself, "Oooh, hadn't thought of that. That's a good one."), the biggest umbrage I can take with Tyra and Co. is that they didn't bring back one of the other runners up to fill Angelea's spot. Laura certainly deserved a shot at it, and we know that bringing back the overseas eliminees for the runway challenge is a way to fool the press into not knowing who the final three is, so they must also have done the dancing to their own tune business. Why not?

Finally, if Angelea knew something that would have disqualified her from the competition, she robbed Laura of the chance for the crown by keeping herself unjustly in the running. "Fighting to the death," to quote Angelea, is not the same as cheating your way to the top.


I think the more interesting thing about all this is that at the end they chose Lisa; a woman who peed in a diaper on national television.

I was somewhat torn this cycle between wanting Allison to win and hoping she didn't. I have loved her ever since she gave you the picture of Winston. She's better than whatever ANTM has going on for finale prizes and it wouldn't surprise me to discover she was the second choice for winner but she turned them down. Allison has an extraordinarily accurate bullshit meter and a kind heart. Recompense suits her far more than contractual obligations, in my opinion at least.


I have a few theories:

1. During the announcement of her win, Angelea's bracelet got caught on Tyra's wig while they were hugging and pulled it off.

2. Angelea lied about working at a bank.

3. Angelea DID work for a bank and in fact got part of the bailout package, therefore d/q'ing her from ANTM participation. Angelea is TOO BIG TO FAIL!!!

4. Angelea slept with ALT And they both got kicked off the show.

5. Angelea told Tyra how much she hates her dumbass book.

6. Angelea got caught shoplifting blunts in Mikonos.

7. She didn't really write her blog. She hired someone off of Craigslist to write

Vanessa M

I am so fucking pissed I even care about this. I comfort myself by saying it's concern over Angelea (love. her.) and not a response to Tyra and co's manipulation or whatever the fuck it is.

Anyways, I see from checking Bianca's Twitter feed that if she reaches 20k followers, she promises to reveal all. It's tempting to follow. Also, she appears to be in a Twitter throw down over the finale with the crying Christian, such a great handle that I've forgotten her actual name.

Of course, you'll have to sift through quite a bit of musing on Toni Braxton and the Kardashian brood.

Sandra M

Does this mean we don't have to watch another season of this show? One can only hope so. Angelea keep your head held high because you is clearly the winner. You don't need this show.

Clearly Tyra, what goes around will come back on you twice as bad.


Rich, I knew you would make be feel better about this. I'd like to say that this is my final season of watching this crap, but I love reading your posts (and Potes from TWOP) waaaaaaay too much. Thanks.


That pic cannot be real because you can't hashtag one or two numbers and have it turn into a link. I know because I used to see people trying to hashtag their viewings of "24" and it would remain text.


She was sleeping with a staff member. They were featured in the final episode heavily. that's all i can tell you.

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