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December 21, 2011



My favorite thing about this crazy (awesome) old lady is she responds to the question "legend or fixture?" with "Well I'm both, you know what I mean?" And then she goes on to ask why they aren't filming just her.

I guess an ego has nothing else to do besides grow at 96 years.


Fantastic. I need to see this movie. Thanks for posting!


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I got teary watching this. They're like kids in their 20s, in a way, being silly and bickering over art and fashion. It's inspirational to see that you don't have to become jaded. You can just be yourself forever.

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great video, like it so much!




That was wonderful! I really want to see the whole movie now!

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Mən bütün film görmək istəyirik indi mən bir ego 96 il inkişaf əlavə etmək üçün başqa bir şey var danışarlar.

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