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how do i get my hands on this immediately


Yes, Rich. How can we view this holiday masterpiece?!


There is a link in the first paragraph that takes you to a website to purchase the movie.

This really takes me back to my childhood, my grandmother's neighbor was very similar, obsessed with Christmas decorations (& Elvis, WTF?!) and always with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.


This looks like the Christmas my childhood wished for but never had.

'Holiday Tension! Christmas Suspense!' had me in stitches though Rich. Thanks for that!


So funny, plus the Holiday Tension! Christmas Suspense! about sums it up for everyone.


This sounds awesome.
Coincidentally, my new favorite Christmas song involves Elvis. I recommend going and downloading it right now. Merry Christmas Elvis


Check out what Kim Kardashian owns at


After scanning through the post, THEN watching the video, imagine my surprise when those wax figures from the screenshots were actually real human beings.

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