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January 16, 2012



My husband overheard me watching this and said 'what the hell are you listening to?'. Now we can all blame our corruption on the toys we were subjected to!


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"I'm going to get rid of this Michael Jackson candybar.."

Yeah, he so ate it.


It's not white magic... it's pizza power!!

Universal Remotes

The more stuff they mentioned, the more I missed all that stuff from my childhood. They just don't make demonic anti-bible cartoons like they used to. Hopefully there will be yet another relaunch of the classics for my kids. Thundercats came back so there is still hope. Cheers.


can you post the whole video somewhere please?


Awww man I miss all those toys! Hail Satan!!


Wait, how was MC Hammer bad for Christians? This demands an actual explanation!

Also, I don't remember anyone using actual magic in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If they think it's bad for kids because it's violent fine, but why do they always have to make crap up>


That was amazingly hilarious. And disturbing. Love how he's just wielding that fluffy white dog toy. And also "talented at making money", burrrrrrn.


Oh lord, let us not be led in to temptation by fruit snacks which have been carved into the craven images of guitars, drums, and microphones. Deliver us from the hand of the evil one for it is gooey, sticky, and delicious!


Getting the entire video to this would be amazing


I'll third the request for the full video...


Hey, something weird has happened on you home page for this. On this page it's the right video but on the home page I'm seeing a video of a court case. Is anyone else getting that?

Digital White Boards

Imagination and fantasy for children is spun to be demons and devil's work. Michael Jackson Chocolate bar. You horrible people. How could you but the name of one of the greatest music artists of all time on a chocolate bar? Its a sin. LOL. Can't wait for the whole video.


Thanks for this, you gotta watch DECEPTION OF A GENERATION, more televangelist scare mongering w/He-Man, My Little Pony, Star Wars, the Smurfs, and a host of others. Gary the host tries out a lot of the toys "to illustrate their occultness" (yeah right!)

jo zeppi

I love to get angry at stupid people.
Is there any way you could maybe upload the whole thing?
I crave it.

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