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January 20, 2012



I just spit out my drink at "shockingly not rapey looking"! I think the producers knew you either a) an internet celebrity; or b) writing about your experience, because you got a lot of screen time for a judge! I loved it!


I love how some of the Twitter folk admitted "he could get it" about you. Toddlers & Tiaras Rich is quite the stud! But considering how the panel is usually moms and ex-beauty queens, putting a nice-looking young man on, in formal wear (!!!) was a nice change of pace!


I love that you were able to experience this and write about it. Thank you! I think your last piece on this (the unedited version) was one of my favorite pieces you have written.


"you advance by impressing a few people who have arbitrarily ascended to power"

Rich, no matter what happens to you in your life career-wise, please keep writing your blog. You sucked me in with Top Models, but you've kept me for shit like this.


lol I love how glaringly over-dressed you were Rich, its very endearing. and you actually came off really well!


"I know that's how life works – you advance by impressing a few people who have arbitrarily ascended to power – but it's also what makes life a big joke." Preach!

Thank you for helping me figure out which of these 6 episodes my TiVo recorded to watch to see you. I cannot bear to look at them all!


No commentary on the Golden Globes? Har-uuuumph!!!


You looked awesome in your tux. You're the coolest, Rich. You'd totally get it.


Finding out your episode aired was, for me, like Christmas morning for a 6 year old. And I couldn't even watch it all at once, I was so enthralled (and frankly, disoriented) at seeing you on the show I had to stop my illegally downloaded copy of the episode each time you were on so I could keep myself from getting overwhelmed. Am I as intense as Mia's mom? Maybe. But at least I'm not a raving lunatic bitch.

trick please

Haha "Shockingly nonrapey looking" is sheer brilliance. I need to follow that person on Twitter


You have no idea how delighted I am by all this! When I first found out about Toddlers and Tiaras, I IMMEDIATELY called my (now former) reality television partner in crime to gush about what would surely be our new show (you know, after Obsessed, Hoarders, Intervention, etc.), and her reaction was, "we have standards."

And in some senses THE HELL WE HAVE STANDARDS! But more interestingly as a culture, we... don't have standards. That's why reality TV is fun. And scary.


I was so thrilled to see you on T&T! I told my daughter, "I know him!!" Not that I do, I just think I do because I follow your blog. Daughter was impressed. And you were awesome.


This, and your previous "5,000 words" on judging the pageant are really a very interesting read! Thank you!


Rich, you are awesome.


I just scoured the listings to find out when your episode would air again. In case anyone else missed it, it's:
Jan 25, 5:00 pm

Toddlers & Tiaras (Season 5)
Universal Royalty Hollywood

With $10,000 at stake at the Old Hollywood-themed pageant, tempers run high, and conspiracy theories abound with pageant moms. Mia, 5, Isys, 6, and Saliz, 7 are determined to win Ultimate Grand Supreme..


This was great. Ever since the show aired, I have been waiting for your thoughts on the finished product. I always watch T&T, and I always read FourFour, so to have the two things collide was an explosion of awesomeness.

The problem will be to revert back to regular life. Can't you make regular guest appearances on all the various crap shows that I watch???

Wrinkle creams

Lol... you totally have it!


Swan Brooner forever!


i do like that sentence, but i dont think it's arbitrary. nothing happens without you deserving/desiring. also, we all agree you're hot.


I VERY RANDOMLY tuned in to this episode and I never watch Toddlers and Tiaras (but I love fourfour, even though I never comment). Hilariously, when Marina came on camera I thought to myself... is this... is she... a mail order Russian bride? and sure enough: "met on the internet.. he was looking for bride." I had no idea that still was a thing, but apparently it is? Also, I kinda want to hug her daughter and tell her that she's awesome and that her mom is craycray.


" I know that's how life works – you advance by impressing a few people who have arbitrarily ascended to power – but it's also what makes life a big joke. Believe me, I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of taking it seriously, but a greater consciousness really comes in handy."

Just what I needed to read today. Thank you.


You are super hot, goodness. I've really enjoyed reading your coverage of this whole T&T saga.


Just as amazing as I imagined!


I literally jumped off my couch when you first popped up on screen and yelled "That's Rich from FourFour!!!" My kids thought I was NUTZ! So when do you get to be a guest judge on ANTM?


My mission to find a streaming link is ON!

I'm glad you came off well Rich, hope you get plenty more mind-bending, fake-lash studded, yet ultimately enlightening experiences in the way of your work.

"Shockingly nonrapey looking" is indeed sheer brilliance.

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