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February 01, 2012



this is the best thing i have ever seen in my life/this week. you two are a power couple for the ages!!! the combination of you and ru is too much magic for my tiny peon brain to handle.


I wish that last quote would be published everywhere.


The driving soundtrack alone makes me wish I could've been there!


What I wouldn't do to travel back in time and hike around the Hollywood sign when the two of you were there! Thank you for this. I absolutely LOVE RuPaul. Thank you, too, for giving us a little glimpse into the blast you two had together.


1) Really lovely writing on The Daily article.
2) This sounds like it was an amazing week, and I am happy you got to experience it (and I, through your writing). RuPaul has many more dimensions that I ever thought about. So fabulous!

Nunya Bizness

I know you're a normal human person with problems just like everyone else. But I could not be more jealous of your life right now. RuPaul and Winston, too. And the interview was excellent.


Can I have my life back now plz?


I want your life. That is all.


YES...i now have an amazing playlist to listen to this morning.


If I could have spent a week with you and RuPaul, I could have died immediately after that and been completely at peace.

Account Deleted

Speaking of butts, check out this funny parody. http://youtu.be/4KE4K6VQnvo


I am dying of jealousy. Can you even believe your life?! I read Workin' It while I was pregnant last year, and I can even put into words how much it helped me come to terms with the physical, mental and emotional changes to my identity. Please do a part 2 of outtakes, I could read this shit all day!


This just made my day / week / lifetime! I have loved RuPaul forever and am always bowled over by the greatness of his entire being.
That last quote is EVERYTHING! It so sums up my feelings on some bull-shiz that's been happening to me lately. Hallaloo Ru!


I am so excited to read more about your time with Ru. You know, he can say some pretty profound things when you are really up to hearing them.

The One that changed my life that he kinda just said in passing one day went something like:

"Own - Your - Shit. If it ain't your shit, then, honey don't touch it! You don't know where that shit's been!"


Oh what I would give for a day of hanging out with Ru!


Love the article and the outtakes! Thanks for sharing them, as ever <3
RuPaul is my hero. My more straight-laced friends always think I'm being ironic but I dare them to feel differently after finding out a little more about him - he's such an inspiration.

Paule Anne

I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Lucille A. Lias

well, hello!!! Two Scorpios! C'mon now! LOVED this!

African Mango

Wow that was great....


ru rules.



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