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February 12, 2012



I think your second paragraph sums up exactly what I've been feeling about the tone around some of the response to Whitney's death. She deserves better than to be used as an excuse for some finger-wagging moralizing. For some reason, I too thought she'd be with us for a long, long time. To paraphrase, I recall one of those lines from that infamous Sawyer interview where she remarked that she wouldn't break, because she "wasn't made of glass, baby." It's funny that this comes after your Millie Jackson post, I was looking forward to the day that she'd be able to look back at her career, free of any of the comeback pressure, with the same sass and sense of humour that Millie has.


Tommy, you're so right about that second paragraph. Rich, thanks for that.


I agree. So refreshing to see this perspective in this judgmental jungle of assumptions and opinions. Thank you, Rich.


So I DJ kids' dance parties at a resort and you know we dropped How Will I Know and I Wanna Dance With Somebody on those children.


Even while she was alive, plenty of people were rushing to eulogize her voice, if not her entire career, but you always celebrated Whitney, even (and especially) during her troubled patches. I think that's why so many of us thought of you when we heard the sad news, Rich.


Anyone who's had relatives that were hardcore addicts, know how deadly addictions are and can't just ignore the fact that the drug addicts are still in denial and still in danger of sudden death. It doesn't mean that acknowledging the fact that the person isn't OK is a judgment. It's just the truth.

I was one of the people that applauded Wendy Williams' stating the truth after Whitney's Oprah appearance and got slammed her for not drinking the kool-aid. But I saw it as voicing concern rather than judgment. It's just like everytime my brother's claimed they were done with the drugs. You see the truth in their eyes and worry. With Whitney, I saw the truth and worried.

That's why her death hit me so hard. I held onto hope that she'd make it. We don't know if she had drugs in her system, but I know for a fact that sometimes it's not the actual drug that kills you; it can be a bad heart or brain weakened from years of having toxins weakening every cell and muscle.

If Whitney didn't have any talent, she'd be one of many. What makes her one of a kind is the fact that her voice and music still brings us joy after her death and in spite of her addictions.


Do you know what Whitney & El DeBarge's story was?



I'm with spazmo. Thanks for this tribute.


I also agree with Tommy about your second paragraph. We're all becoming too jaded and cynical these days. Thanks for the lovely article.


Thank you, Rich. RIP, lady with THE VOICE.

Lladro@Swarovski Figurines

So sad about the Whitney Houston death. It is a shame she died so young. My comment is on the news coverage.

It took awhile to be the celebration of her life. But, almost half the coverage is about her drug use and all the Bobbi Brown issues.

There should be some law preventing the media was digging into a dead celebrities past health issues. I realize as a celebrity she is open season when she is living. After all she had a publicist who gets her into these events to further her career and income. But now, what career to further so I think there should be a law. Protect the memory.




Blech. So odd to use that expression when, really, what does it mean? A small nose? Underweight? No visible scars? It's just so awfully American and boring to imagine you can say someone looks like a model and not only assume that everyone knows what you mean but that they'll also agree that that is truly what is 'pretty.'

Katie Hallison

The death of these stars is still hard to accept… Despite the criticisms they had, they still managed to get up after that. Are you a Michael Jackson fan too? Both of them were actually at their best during their generation! They will still continue to amaze people - that's a fact.

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Whitney is a legend... Her voice is immortal and she lives in her songs...


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