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February 08, 2012



I must say I never cared about Anna Nicolle Smith so I wouldn't know but was she that tanked all the time? I loved how she explains the water "I actually tried-eh, tasted-eh, made a remix-eh and it's actually good!"

Miss Lisa

Alas, Anna Nicole.


"She’s ponderable, which accounts for the heavy discourse, and disappointing, which accounts for the bitching."

- best summation of the LDR phenomenon I've read. great as always Rich.


I miss her, too....

Roslyn @ Cellulite cream reviews

Why in the world she is doing this? lol

African mango reviews

She's out of her mind!

Hytek Parts

She was so adorable. Best work ever... Naked Gun. Legs for days.


I just don't understand how Extra would put that on the air. So many people were enabling Anna Nicole, including the media. It is a so very sad.


I love your interview with Abby Lee. Maybe she is a bit nutso, but all good dance teachers/"artistes" are.

I agree that most of the moms really need to stuff it. She seems really smart and I would totally send my kid there if I had a kid and lived in Pittsburgh and wanted to insert them into a star machine.

Michael Singh

I love Anna Nicole. She was special & beautiful. I did not know the scratch & sniff story. Brilliant. My fav is a quote from her & I am paraphrasing:

'The press always says she's drunk, she's on pills and yeah sometimes I am..'

She was great. I hope Courtney Stodden gets to do interesting things.


I do miss Anna. She was always a party unto herself. Wish people could have been kinder to her.

Amanda Lennox

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I think the reviewer is being generous with two stars. It's a cheap second-rate musically facile farce. A big mistake aimed at getting a new audience into opera which it will probably succeed in doing over the next couple of weeks. But what's the point? As most opera isn't like this, anyone next attending Wagner who is expecting something like this won't return in a hurry.

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