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February 24, 2012


Erin Cragg

Omg the year Catherine Zeta-Jones won... Kathy Bates' reaction is priceless.

Also, I love Meryl's sheer jubilation every time she loses!

Lastly, the year Gwenyth won EVERYONE looks pissed (except Meryl, of course).


Man, I don't think I ever realized how many times Meryl has NOT WON SOMETHING. And yet I'm probably more outraged than she is.


Bitchiest look - Jessica Lange when Sally Field wins.
Best reaction - Meryl Streep jumping up for Cher.


Alan Alda's nose wrinkle plus Bill Murray's nod of understanding really make this special.

This, to me, is one of the most visually interesting gif walls you have created. Well done, Rich.


Jessica Lange REALLY knows how to throw a shank-eye.


Not sure if that really matters but that's Morgan Freeman winning on the Jamie Foxx's row.


Well with Goop everyone should've been pissed. Streep, Montenegro, Blanchett and Watson and she wins? No way.


Rich, this is incredible. seriously, you are a genius with this stuff.

ulises haro

lmao at meryl for being nominated for the past 15 years... she is so graceful and lovely, should give her an oscar just for being nominated so many damn times

Robert Franson

This is brilliant!

Account Deleted

Something wrong: Halle Berry's win is not from the Oscars, but from Sag Awards.

marie a. brooks

Meryl Streep has class and great social manners; she knows how to act win or lose! Why act up when you have to deal with same academy voters next time you are up for an award LOL - being a class act is the way to go. Most of them will wind up with a lifetime achievement oscar at some point anyway if they are around long enough. Longevity counts in Hollywood


Erin, it was because Sean Connery only said "Catherine" when he announced the winner and Kathy Bates briefly assumed he was calling her name. So I don't blame her look. Susan Lucci suffered a worse reaction when Susan Flannery won Best Actress at the Emmys one year and started walking towards the stage, when Flannery actually won.

I'd say my favorite non-winner reaction was Faith Hill losing to Carrie Underwood at some Country award ceremony.


Man, Burt Reynolds even claps angrily when he's pissed.

If you're ever nominated for an Oscar you know you'll lose if the following two things are in your category....

-Some old actor/actress that has been nominated a million times for amazing things and is now nominated for something mundane. They will win.

-An actor/actress that gained/lost weight or had another major physical change to show how "in character" they were. They will win.

To me the most bullshit wins (off the top of my head) were when the actress won an Oscar for Network, and her entire time in the film totaled 25 minutes. Also Anna Paquin winning. Tatum O'Neal as child ingenue I can get behind. Paquin just chattered non-stop like any annoying kid.


Who's the woman with the beard when Diane Keaton won?


Nothing will ever top Samuel L. Jackson's wince when he lost Best Supporting Actor to Martin Landau (Pulp Fiction vs. Ed Wood).



The collection of with Thomas Haden Church, Alan Alda, Morgan Freeman, Clive Owen, and Jamie Foxx is out of order. Jamie didn't win that night for Supporting Actor (though he was up for Collateral). Morgan Freeman was the winner for Million Dollar Baby.

dorothy porker

Two words: Sally. Kirkland. lmao.

Bowing to you for this, Rich.

I'm just sayin'...

This just makes me feel so sad to live in a world where Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts have Oscars and Julianne Moore does not.

Robert Franson

I think the best is still Sally Kirkland! She had to force that smile!


I love Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton... they are both goddesses... besides that, who wouldn't be disappointed at losing? You have to be packed with amazing talent and confidence to be glad for others when they win.


errr... and by that I mean, Meryl and Diane are packed with talent and probably are genuinely glad for others when they win.

Todd Stuart Phillips

What I see here is people who knew they did really good work, work that cost them and raised them above their every day selves and were pleased someone else knew that too, but they were happy for the one that got the Oscar none the less.

And, I see a few who were truly let down they did not get to say, "You see? I DO deserve to be on the rolls of the immortals." when they they always feared they did not.

Gene Bivins

I love how happy all five women seemed when Susan Sarandon won.


This is amazingly awesome (is reaaaallly slow to download) Thank you!!!!!

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