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February 24, 2012



This is amazingly awesome (is reaaaallly slow to download) Thank you!!!!!


Nobody looked pissed when Paltrow won.they just didn't act surprised,cause it was expected that she wins.You have to face the fact that the industry likes her and that includes Blanchett and Streep.The same goes for Sandra,Julia and Reese.I like surprises but that rarely ever happens.

Bill Kilpatrick

What a rotten, mean-spirited violation of a private moment. Can a person not lose an award with a little dignity? Is it really necessary to collect all of the reaction shots and put them on display? What an immature, voyeuristic, sophomorish stunt!

I know where you can stick the camera next.


Anne Hathaway makes me cringe.

Gustavo H. Razera

Bill, excuse me, but you are clueless. Private moment? At a television show seen by a billion people? Do not forget your medication next time.


It sucks that the media so obsessively analyzes beforehand over who will win Oscars that by the time the actual ceremony comes around, everyone has a pretty good idea who is going to win what. It takes all of the suspense out of it and sadly, the unrehearsed reactions go too.

When Heath Ledger won for the Dark Knight, I remember all the other BSA nominees looked so bitter and bored, knowing they wasn't a chance in hell of any of them winning.


The worst might be Talia Shire when Dunaway won!!
Minnie Driver looked genuinely happy when Basinger won.


LOL Meryl is so happy that I almost couldn't tell who won.


Anyone noticed that Geraldine Page is saying "f*ck"? :D

Daiya Darko

No Leonardo DiCaprio?
Homeboy can't even get on THIS list. Poor bb.


Nothing was better than little Anna Paquin's reaction. When she got up there it was like a good 15 seconds of choking and gasping in shock.



Thank God it was Morgan Freeman who won and not Jamie Foxx. I can't live in a world where Jamie Foxx is an Oscar winner. I love Meryl Streep! She's always so psyched! And of course she has two Oscars at home, which probably helps.

Lizzy G

Seriously, did anyone want Sandra Bullock to win? Or Gwyneth? They look like very unpopular winners amongst the other nominees. Kathie Bates reprising her role in Misery for Catherine Zeta Jones

Big Ed Dunkel

Burt was pissed in '97, no doubt about that. That was his "return" to stardom.


Very awesome gif wall. Have to mention though, look at all the white people...


Sheesh, Talia Shire is NOT digging Faye Dunaway's win.


Meryl Streep deserves an Oscar just for her gracious loser face.


This is so terrible and so awesome all at once.


Meryl Streep should be nominated for an Oscar for the way she pretends to be happy for others!


WOW!I`m speechless! This is unbelievable!

Ashley Taylor

First of all, I LOVED this. Thank you for putting it together.
Secondly, as if I did not already know how much I loved Meryl Streep, I certainly do now. She could teach classes on how to be a gracious loser. Over and over and over again.
Finally, how ironic that it is the men who give some of the more bitter seeming reaction shots than the women. Huh.


who's the DUDE in the row when Diane Keaton wins???


I like Valerie Perrine's reaction to losing: MOUTH WIDE OPEN! LOL!


Diane Ladd and Lorraine Bracco look like someone shit in their laps when Whoopi won Best Supporting for Ghost.
President Roslin kept it classy of course.


I have to say my favorite reaction was a BAFTA one. Martin Freeman's face when The Only Way Is Essex won. He looked like he wanted to murder everyone that voted (rightly so - Essex is a crap show)

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