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Chris Kelly

Pretty sure Diana Ross is straight-up crying when her name isn't called. I'm pretty bummed now.


Talia Shire looks PISSED! I also LOVE Shelly Winters, "I knew it" at Eileen Heckart's win!


Whew. This gif wall is so amazing. How long did it take to put together?!

It does make me a little glad that I will never be in this situation. Maybe that's why GaGa wears her masks/face webbing, etc.!

Steve H

Where is the Kate Winslett (Titanic 1997) hissy fit when Helen Hunt deservedly bumped her?


My favorite is Anna Paquin - she was so surprised! Holly Hunter and Emma Thompson seem so joyful for her, too.


Diana Ross's bitchface gives me life.


LOVE Holly Hunter's joy when Paquin wins. AWESOME.


I love Minnie Driver's reaction. Surprised?

Jane Smiley

Interesting how you didn't include JESSICA LANGE's two wins or the FULL reaction GERALDINE PAGE's win, which was to actually be the only nominee, after F MURRAY ABRAHAM says, "I consider this the greatest actress in the English language," to mouth/predict GERALDINE PAGE's name. She THEN turned and clapped. All the other nominees waited to see if he meant them :)

Next time, don't be such an obvious hater. *Achem* That is all.


Anna Paquin's reaction is the best ever.


They sure did dress "old" back then. Shelley Winters and Eileen Heckart were in their 50s when they were nominated in 1973, and they looked old. Contrast that with present day Meryl, Glenn, Jessica, Jane, Sigourney, Helen, and Judi, who are all past 60 and still manage to look young.


Brilliant. One of my favorite of your gif walls, and sure to go viral/be stolen by late night TV.


Funny. Thankyou Rich.


speaking of gif walls, oh master of the format, will there be any for the current season of rupaul's drag race? hope so!


I love Bill Murray being Bill Murray.


Wow, thank you so much for this!! My favs -JESSICA LANGE


Meryl's face it's like. "Bitch Please, next year I'llbe nominated again, so, go on and enjoy it".


I love Sally Kirkland's reaction, but did you catch how bitchy Rosie Perez looked at Anna Paquin's win for "The Piano"? She was a kid, and she could barely manage a smirk of contempt for her!

Loved this Rich. Awesome idea!


These would be great reaction gifs.


My favorite: Rosie Perez when Ana Paquin won.

John W

The look on Sally Kirkland's face (top row) is priceless.


You have truly mastered the art of the gif wall, Rich. Your best gif-age to date!!


The reactions to Anna Paquin are wonderful. Holly goes off while Rosie and Winona look like they're about to hunt her down.

Sissy Spacek's win was a particularly icy year it seems.


I want to see Sally Kirkland's Bitch-Face fight Godzilla AND Mothra!
Bitch is having None.Of.IT!

JR Cortez

I'm not sure about every row, but it appears the men handle losing better than the women.....

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