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February 06, 2012



Cats are douchebags.


It's so hard for him to say goodbye... To your pants.

trick please

Yay Rudy!


Rudy put the Paw of Dominance on your pants.


Poor Rudy, couldn't you just let him snuggle with your pants forever? Is that too much for a cat to ask?


Lol, that's awesome. Poor Rudy doesn't understand why you can't just let him have the pants.


Awww, Rudy is awesome! Whereas I'd take Winnie out for tea and crumpets, I'd take Rudes out clubbin'. He's a kool kat like that.



African mango

awesome! I love how the story goes.


I have much love for Rudy. Couldn't you have least left him the belt? Maybe he needs his little denim overalls back. *kisses* for Rudy.

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