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February 11, 2012



How did I not even know the program Unsung existed until now? And they devoted an episode to Millie! She has long been a favorite of mine, and she deserves bonus points for having one of the greatest/tackiest album covers of all time:



o g this is the greatest gift ever. Thank you, Rich, for introduing me to this fabulous Goddess!! That reality show needs to happen STAT!


I wish I got TVOne.


Pleeeease tell me you know about her Phuck U Symphony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGJgyuAu6eo


Rich, thanks so much for sharing this! I grew up listening to Millie Jackson - my Mom (!) had all her albums and even played the F*ck You Symphony around me and my sister. We would act horrified but were secretly thrilled that our otherwise conservative mom got such a kick out of this. I found the show online and watched the whole thing - Millie does not disappoint in continuing to be awesome.


Nicolarz, don't forget: http://static.rateyourmusic.com/album_images/3a7abd45a0918ef6ae84eaa566bd4e23/101024.jpg


Nice! I have several of Millie's records. Her album Feelin Bitchy is pretty great -- she does a version of If You're Not Back In Love By Monday that is sublime.


bondfool, you should be able to see the Unsung eps on the web.


I watched this and the FullForce, The Sylvers, and Atlantic Starr episodes on the TVOne website. The Sylvers' story had me in tears. Riveting, candid, and too the point. Way better than VHI's Behind the Music.

I couldn't help but notice the resemblance between Millie's Daughter and Jennifer Hudson. That made me think that not only would Millie Jackson's life story would be an exciting movie or miniseries, but Jennifer Hudson probably has the perfect pipes and attitude the play the lead.

My mother had a couple Millie Jackson LP's stuck in the back with the Redd Foxx albums. Lol


Her album "Back to the S**t" is a must-have. The cover: dayenu. And inside, fart jokes and "Private Dancer" in succession.

KyKy Vanderpump

That second GIF from the top looks like Manila Luzon lip synching for her life!


Unsung is awesome programming. Another good job by TVOne. Loved what they did on the one for Vesta. The Full Force one was surprisingly moving. I missed Millie the first time, but my twitter timeline blew up as others watched it and loved it.


Thankyou Rich. That was fantastic. Almost too much to take in. She is revolutionary.

I sent her Symphony to Governor Christie.


She has an album with her on a toilet titled "Back to the Sh*t!" One of the tracks on that album? "Muffle that Fart".

Only Millie.

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