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February 14, 2012


Amy Anomalous

I bought the dvd of Myra Breckinridge for some reason years ago,and only watched it the whole way through recently.My favorite moment is at the beginning,when the the big-eyed Rocky-Horror looking girl silently winks at the guy in the surgical suite...that seemed to promise a much wittier and sexier film.It's so weird to see John Huston wheeze around as a perve and the plot is just ?


Who knows what Doonan said to Welch before the party started. He can be quite bitchy himself.


I've just woken up and have nothing witty to contribute. I just wanted to let you know that your post made me laugh. Thanks.

Roslyn @ Cellulite cream reviews

This movie gave me a good laugh. Thanks for sharing.


For some reason I've never listened to the commentary track for Myra - I think I'll do that tonight actually.


Raquel's always been defensive about her work and her image, and not for completely insane reasons. I remember reading an interview some years ago where she mentioned being rejected from appearing at a pro-choice rally in the early 70's because organizer Gloria Steinem felt she was a poor role model for women. That had to sting. I imagine such criticisms are what compels her to swat away any notions that she's a sex object.

Also, I've always wondered what you thought of this movie! If you ever get bored enough to do a full-length recap of it, this reader would be thrilled to read it.


Rich! Just saw you on VH1s Whitney special. So awesome to see a 'friend' on TV.



how was mae west famous? that was the worst performance i've ever seen. she felt herself up with all the fluid sexuality of a 90 year old man.

Sarah @ Best african mango reviews

Never heard of her...


That hat!! I can't believe how huge it is and yet the angle it sits at. It, and your post, makes me want to watch this movie.


Otis REDDING, not Reading.


though she looks good, raquel is old and
certainly constipated. that can easily put one in a mood.

Erica Duvall

Simon was talking about Ann Margret and i was horrified for him as he got her mixed up with another actress, sorta screwed up when your honoring Raquel Welch!! I found Raquel funny, geniune and not a Bitch!!


This movie trotted across my cable schedule-grid one boring day a few months back. I knew the title, but that was about it. I watched in amazement at the utter incompetence & delicious camp. Plus, a mustache-free Tom Selleck acts eager & excited to hop on geriatric Mae West's casting couch, which I enjoyed immensely.

I had no idea prior to seeing this movie that "Hard to Handle" was not a Black Crowes original, fresh & new for 1990. So, suddenly seeing Mae West sing it 20 years earlier was bizarre on additional levels.

It was such incredible camp, I wanted to sing songs & roast marshmallows.

Account Deleted

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I was expecting the worst, like "Baby Jane" horrifying, and I was pleasantly surprised! I think Mae rocked it!


I think Doonan was actually thinking about Marianne Faithful chewing the air on her motorcycle in the immensely insane and entertaining Girl on a Motorcycle. The whole movie is psychotic in the best way.

As for Raquel, I've always read pretty unpleasant things about her personality; there's an interview Jim Brown did around the making of 100 Rifles where he almost (but doesn't quite) calls her out as a racist. Which always put me off because Welch herself is Latina.


In a 90s interview with Howard Stern, Farrah said that Raquel was "mean spirited" on the set. According to Farrah, Raquel would make little remarks to try to psyche her out, like, "You know, your eye teeth are a shade darker than your front teeth, and on the big screen, that's quite a difference."

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I like this movie as well.

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